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Yesterday in La Crosse

No Pabst at Oktoberfest? A beer battle 36 years ago

Brad Williams



In August of 1983, Pabst had been turned down in its efforts to sell beer at Oktoberfest, the La Crosse Center, and the Interstate Fair. The Milwaukee company didn’t think it was fair to be kept out of La Crosse events, while Heileman was able to sell Old Style in Milwaukee at Summerfest and Brewers games. Heileman accused Pabst of ‘whining’ to the media.

Holmen’s Korn Fest had been around for 20 years, but the festival didn’t have a parade until 1983. Korn Fest also featured the popular antique car show and a fiddler’s contest.

Former vice president Walter Mondale appeared to have the Democratic race for president to himself in August of ’83. But Senator and former astronaut John Glenn was making an attempt to close in on Mondale. Gary Hart and Jesse Jackson would become chief rivals of Mondale as the campaign moved ahead.

“The Jeffersons” was still a Top 20 show in prime time, along with “60 Minutes,” “Newhart,” and “Three’s Company.” Carroll O’Connor was ending his long run as Archie Bunker in the last season of “Archie Bunker’s Place,” in 1983, yesterday in La Crosse.

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