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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Too soon to determine what to do with tax windfall

If you suddenly find yourself with more money in your pocket, it can be tempting to go on a spending spree. But that may not be the best use of the new-found cash. That is the nature of the debate in Wisconsin, now that we have learned that the state of Wisconsin has about $450 […]

America’s Dairyland needs help

Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is struggling. But not everyone is prepared to try to do something about it. Governor Tony Evers in his State of the State Address last week, called for lawmakers to gather in a special session of the legislature to try to find solutions to saving the state’s dairy farms. The struggle is […]

“People’s maps” won’t cut muster with Legislature

As important as it is to ensure Wisconsin has fair elections, the latest idea from Governor Tony Evers seems to miss the mark. Right now, legislative boundaries are drawn every ten years, after the census. According to the state Constitution, whichever political party is in charge of the Legislature at the time of the Census […]

WI Governor and legislators agree on some things

It has been a relatively busy week for Wisconsin lawmakers and Governor Tony Evers. After a 2019 legislative session that saw very few accomplishments outside of passing a new state budget, lawmakers have been busy passing bills and sending them to the Governor for his signature. The state senate approved the confirmation of two more […]

Honor Hmong soldiers, before it is too late

It is a proposal long overdue. Wisconsin lawmakers are considering creating a new state holiday, Hmong-Lao Veterans Day. It would be celebrated May 14, to recognize their contributions to helping the United States fight the war in Vietnam. It was back in the early sixties when Hmong soldiers in Laos took up arms to help […]

Wisconsin Governor’s State of the State a call to action

What is the state of our state? We will find out one version of that tomorrow, when Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers delivers his State of the State Address. It will be a call to action to the state legislature to deliver on the promises he made to voters on the campaign trial. Clearly, Evers’ vision […]

Politicians move slowly when it suits them

Our politicians can move quickly when they want to. Ask them to name a Post Office, and they’re on it. Doing something to strengthen their hold on power, like restricting the authority of the incoming Governor, and they can get things done in a hurry. But they are also good at dragging their feet. Such […]

City has few options at Green Island

Sometimes, when things work well for a while, it doesn’t mean that will continue forever. The city of La Crosse has been managing the Green Island ice arena since May, but now says new management is needed to keep the rink open. The rink is heavily used by the Coulee Region Chill hockey team. It […]

Tougher crime penalties? Where will we put all the criminals?

We talked yesterday about legislation being debated in Madison that would toughen the state’s laws on crime. As we mentioned the legislation under consideration would increase criminal penalties. That would be welcomed by police who say they are tired of arresting people, even those accused of violent or gun crimes, then watching them get released […]

La Crosse judges may have no choice but to get tougher on crime

It is no secret that La Crosse police have been openly critical of a local judicial system which they claim has been soft on crime. Police complain those arrested on drug and gun crimes aren’t being treated harshly enough by the courts, and often it isn’t long after their release that police arrest them again. […]

Tax bills should make clear what voucher schools are costing us

That property tax bill you just paid makes clear where most of your money is going. It breaks down the amount of your property tax that is going to the city, the county, the school district and the local technical college district. But the breakdown does not include the costs of funding voucher schools in […]

Now the time to restore fairness to our elections

It could be the start of the most significant improvement to our democracy in some time. Lawmakers in Madison have introduced legislation calling for an amendment to the state Constitution. It would change the process of legislative redistricting so that one political party can’t rig the boundaries to benefit themselves. It would take the politics […]

Governor Evers assigns much needed homework to lawmakers

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is the former State Superintendent of Schools, and a former teacher in the Tomah district. Now he is giving members of the Wisconsin Legislature some homework. Evers has sent a letter to legislative leaders urging them to continue their work before the current session adjourns. […]

Taxes may be up, but not as a percentage of income

It certainly sounds like good news. Wisconsinites paid a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes in half a century. That is the finding of a new report from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Policy Forum. Their report finds that Wisconsinites’ paid 10.3% of their income in state and local taxes last year, down […]

No need for official language in Wisconsin

English only, por favor. That is the thrust of a bill being introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature seeking to make English the state’s official language. But this seems a solution in search of a problem. The bill would declare English to be Wisconsin’s official language, and would require all state and local governments to write […]

Wisconsin’s Governor needs to be more media friendly

Some troubling trends from Wisconsin’s governor when it comes to freedom of the press. Gov. Tony Evers claims he is media friendly, and generally speaking he is more accessible to reporters than his predecessor. But Evers has faced criticism over his handling of open records requests, and now he is facing a lawsuit from a […]

Pedestrian safety should be the priority for new street art

We’re seeing lots more public art in La Crosse these days. We’re seeing pieces built long ago moved to new locations after being refurbished. We’ve seen art painted onto the walls of downtown buildings, including the Midwest Family building. The latest plan for public art that is being discussed would put art not on a […]

We deserve to know when our groundwater is contaminated

Few things are more important to protecting public health than clean drinking water. Just ask the people in Flint, Michigan. And unlike in Flint, if our government is aware there is a problem with our drinking water, we would like it if they would let us know. But that isn’t always the case. Back in […]