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Wisconsin inmates finally getting help getting jobs

It is, after all, called the Department of Corrections, not the Department of Punishment. The very name implies an attempt to correct the behavior that landed a person behind bars. That has not typically been the strength of our prison system. But now in Wisconsin, one prison is working to provide future success to its […]

Success of school referendums shows people value public education

More money for public schools. We heard that during Wisconsin’s gubernatorial campaign from now Governor-elect Tony Evers. In his new role, Evers says he plans to invest more money in public education. During the waning days of the campaign, Scott Walker, the self-proclaimed education Governor, even dangled the promise of more money for public schools. […]

With Evers in, Foxconn deal likely to remain in place

With Tony Evers winning election as Wisconsin’s next governor, what will that mean for Foxconn? Many democrats have been critical of the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies promised to the manufacturer in exchange for the promise of thousands of new jobs. Some have said the state should pull the plug on the deal. That […]

Wisconsin republicans not ready to play nice with new Governor

Well, that didn’t take long. On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters selected Tony Evers to serve as the state’s next Governor. Less than 24 hours later, Republicans in Madison were already threatening to curtail the power of the next Governor. Before he even takes office. House speaker Robin Vos warns that he is eager to play the […]

More unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud

  Despite the overwhelming lack of evidence, we continue to hear candidates warn of election fraud. We heard it in the final days of the recent campaigns, from the highest office in the land, down to state politics. Governor Scott Walker, defeated for the first time in his political career, apparently isn’t going down without […]

Time to restore civility to politics

Well, its finally over. The people have spoken. Was it a red wave? A blue wave? I don’t know. Because today’s editorial was written and recorded before the polls closed yesterday. So as of this moment, I don’t know who won or lost, whether we have a shakeup in Washington and Madison, or whether we […]

Make your vote count today

  Well, the day is finally here. After literally years of campaigning, candidates for elected office finally find their name on the ballot today. After months of enduring all those nasty attack ads, voters finally get to declare which of the candidates they like best. And by the end of the day today, we will […]

Millions to Foxconn is millions not available for schools, roads

Things are about to get real in Wisconsin. $470 million real. That is how much the state has pledged to Foxconn as Wisconsin prepares to make the first payment to the Taiwanese corporation that is building a big plant in Southeast Wisconsin. In total, our lawmakers have pledged $3 billion in corporate welfare to Foxconn. […]

Wisconsin can no longer afford school voucher program

The goal may have been a noble one. But now, nearly 30 years later, Wisconsin’s school voucher program has spiraled out of control. The program began under former Governor Tommy Thompson in 1990 when public school students in Milwaukee were able to attend private schools at taxpayer expense. At that time, 350 impoverished students attending […]

Early voting proving increasingly popular

The election day is now just five days away. Have you voted yet? Turns out lots of people have. Early voting is becoming increasingly popular in Wisconsin, and it appears there will be more absentee votes cast in the state this year than in the last gubernatorial election four years ago. City clerks throughout the […]

Still struggling for any action on immigration, other than stoking fear

It is easy to identify the important issues facing this country. Figuring out how to fix them is another matter. Immigration ha increasingly become an issue in political campaigns, with candidates offering their plans for how to allow foreigners to become citizens of this country or to build a wall to keep them out. But […]

Surprise, last-minute additions to state budget need to stop

Sometimes things come up at the last minute. Other times things are sprung at the last minute, and that seems to increasingly be the case for the Wisconsin Legislature. Our elected representatives in Madison have more often taken to using surprises and secretive moves to get their pet projects passed into law. For example, in […]

Debt and deficit spiraling out of control

It is not something you hear talked about much on the campaign trail. But it is one of the biggest issues facing this country. The national debt and the federal deficit continue to soar. The debt is up to $21 trillion and counting. That figure is hard to comprehend, 21 followed by 12 zeroes. The […]

President not to blame, but needs to tone down rhetoric

Police continue to investigate a series of suspicious packages containing pipe bombs, ten so far, sent to prominent democrats including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Other bombs were sent to the likes of Robert DeNiro and CNN. We don’t yet know who is behind what is being labeled as terrorism. Some are ready to lay […]

$1 billion would fill a lot of Wisconsin’s potholes

Wisconsin is in a unique position. But not an enviable one. Because the state decided not to accept federal money available through the Affordable Care Act, it has cost taxpayers more than a billion dollars. Wisconsin’s take on the Affordable Care Act is unique because the state is the only one in the country that […]

Teflon Governor won’t take responsibility for job numbers

  Governor Walker proudly promised when he first campaigned for office 8 years ago that he would, if elected, create 250,000 new jobs in the state during his first term in office. Walker got elected, but came nowhere close to creating that many jobs. But he wasn’t about to take the blame for it. New […]

In final weeks of campaigns, attacks get even nastier

In just two short weeks from today, Wisconsin voters will be heading to the polls. Many of them anyway. While many voters long ago made up their minds who they will vote for, some still aren’t sure. And between now and November 6th, the candidates, and big money special interest groups will be spending millions […]

President shouldn’t encourage violence against reporters

Generally speaking, journalism is not among the most dangerous of jobs. We write and talk for a living. Still, 44 journalists have been killed doing their jobs this year. The most recent, and most shocking example, is the case of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi dissident has been missing since visiting the consulate […]