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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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It is no secret where Supreme Court candidates stand on the issues

Wisconsin’s contest for a seat on the state Supreme Court is officially nonpartisan. Of course, we know better. Just because they don’t have a “D” or “R” next to their name on the ballot doesn’t mean they aren’t a Democrat or Republican. Just follow the money trail. This election has already set a record for […]

Those who make the laws should also be subject to them

Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition of openness in government. At nearly every level, from city councils to county boards and school boards, meetings are open to the public. Records are kept and those minutes are available for anyone to review without having to provide a reason. It helps us keep a check on […]

Would a different way to seat judges be better?

One week from today, Wisconsin voters will head to the polls to have their say in a very contentious race for the Supreme Court. Two candidates, a conservative and a liberal, are hoping to earn a seat and determine the balance of power on the state’s high court. Pretty important stuff, with issues like abortion […]

Time for the snowflakes to come down

Suddenly, the signs of spring are everywhere. Ok, not everywhere, but much of the snow has melted. There are no tulips peeking out of the ground yet, but at least we see some brown grass. Certainly a lot more lawn is visible here than in the Twin Cities where I spent part of the weekend. […]

Gov. Evers “read my lips” moment?

It seemed we were heading in the same direction, just taking different routes to get there. So it seemed. Both Governor Tony Evers and the Republican-controlled Legislature have been clear that they plan to cut taxes as they prepare a new state budget. Evers had directed the cuts toward the middle class, with the average […]

An important election demands our participation

In just under two weeks, a very important election will take place in Wisconsin. Voters will head to the polls on April 4 to elect city council members, school board members and a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There are also referendum questions, asking voters whether judges should get more discretion when setting bail, […]

“Fighting Bob” relative has no fight left

For the past almost half a century, lots of things have changed in Madison. We have elected several different governors and hundreds of legislators have come and gone. But the one constant has been Doug La Follette. La Follette has served as Wisconsin’s Secretary of State for 44 years, serving under both Republican and Democratic […]

Battling plans for bail reform

When it comes to deciding how to treat people accused of crimes, the differences couldn’t be more stark. Wisconsin republicans are pushing a constitutional amendment that will appear on the April ballot which would allow judges more discretion in setting bail. If approved, the measure would make it harder for defendants to get out of […]

Personal finance class should be a graduation requirement

When I think back on all the junk I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all. That’s a slightly edited version of the Paul Simon song, which I found going through my head as I talked with a friend about high school graduation requirements. They taught us lots of stuff […]

EPA finally takes much needed action on PFAS

It shouldn’t have taken this long, but the day has finally come. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new national  standards to keep our drinking water safe. This is a big step for public health and achieves a goal that previous administrations could not. If these rules are finalized, the U.S. will finally have enforceable […]

Changing our clocks again, probably not for the last time

Over the weekend we set our clocks ahead by one hour. Could it be the last time? There are rumors that the United States is ending the practice of changing our clocks twice a year. Not quite. While the Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act unanimously last year, it remains stuck in the House and […]

Are Brewers playing hardball?

I must admit I am a bit confused by plans to address the future of the Milwaukee Brewers in Wisconsin. It started when Governor Evers announced his plan to provide $290 million to the team, in exchange for a promise for the Brewers to remain in Milwaukee through 2043. I wasn’t aware of any threats […]

A positive experience with City Hall

They say the wheels of government turn slowly, and often they do. But not always, as I learned firsthand. The water pipes in my home had begun to make a noise. They were even vibrating. The sound was very much like that of rushing water. I debated calling City Hall, but ended up calling a […]

Finally, some concern about monopolies

So, suddenly we are concerned about monopolies again? Throughout U.S. history, some companies have become so big and powerful they have been labeled monopolies, and in some cases they were shut down or the laws were changed. That came to mind yesterday with news that the federal government announced it is suing to prevent a […]

Flat tax, local sales tax, appear gone from WI budget

We don’t yet know what the next state budget will look like. In fact, legislative leaders haven’t even started deliberating Governor Tony Evers’ spending plan, which they will likely gut and start over. But we are beginning to get a clear picture of what the budget will, and will not, look like. It appears the […]

Neither party can claim the high ground on censorship

We have discussed efforts to ban books which some say are offensive, or make them uncomfortable. Books like “The Handmaid’s Tale” have been targeted by conservatives who have made them inaccessible to public school students. It is misguided to pull books that some don’t like from classroom and library shelves. It won’t prevent inquiring minds […]

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker, not taxpayers, should pay for the sham investigation

It is already the biggest boondoggle in Wisconsin history, and the price tag just keeps going up. Wisconsin taxpayers spent more than $2 million in a sham investigation into false claims the presidential election was stolen. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, in an attempt to appease former President Trump, hired a former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, […]

Still trying to patch potholes without much success

Today is the first of March, and spring is not far off. That means it is officially pothole season in Wisconsin. You don’t have to drive far to run over the large potholes as things thaw out. It is always a problem this time of year, but it seems worse this year. Northbound Losey Boulevard […]