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With Governor planning to spend more on roads, is county wheel tax necessary?

As the election nears, Scott Walker has suddenly become the road governor. He has already labeled himself the education governor, but after ignoring our crumbling roads, may be given the label of road governor as well. That’s because he has apparently had an epiphany that our roads really do need repair. When Walker spoke a […]

Getting dirty money out of politics

It is one of the top issues on the minds of voters, but something that political candidates rarely like to talk about. That is campaign finance reform, and keeping dark money out of our political races. Dark money is all the cash flowing into political campaigns from outside special interest groups which are allowed to […]

On the campaign trail, one man’s plan is another man’s gimmick

What is the difference between a campaign promise and a political gimmick? As is often the case when an election nears, political candidates bust out some last minute ideas not previously offered on the campaign trail. We’re seeing that now in the Wisconsin governor’s race, which the polls suggest is a very tight race. Democratic […]

Job training for inmates not new idea, but a good one

We all share the same goal in hoping that those who commit crimes can become productive members of society once they have served their sentence. That helps keep our communities safer, and reduces the cost of incarceration. That is why it is good to hear that the state of Wisconsin will be investing in making […]

Still time to get ready to vote

The right to vote is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. In fact, our system works best when everyone has a voice. But still many people don’t exercise that right. Turnout in our elections is often rather pathetic. Often, less than half of eligible voters take the time to cast a ballot. It can […]

Warning clear, action not so much

The warning is stark and dire. Unfortunately, it seems despite the clear warning, little is likely to change. The Intergovernmental Panel on climate change is a group of scientists representing countries that make up the United Nations. They put out a report this week which, if accurate, gives humans precious little time to change our […]

Candidates spending like drunken sailors

How much is too much? With more than three weeks remaining until election day in Wisconsin, candidates for Governor, and the groups that support them, continue to spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Spending in that race by advocacy groups has already topped $11 million. That is more than in past elections, […]

Sexual assaults on the rise in Wisconsin prisons

We have heard plenty about allegations of assault and abuse at Wisconsin’s youth prison. That has led to personnel changes for prison administrators and prompted an FBI investigation. Turns out the problems are not isolated to the Lincoln Hills school for boys. State records show that throughout the Wisconsin prison system, Wisconsin prison officials investigated […]

Mayor Kabat should read the tea leaves on his parking plan

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat wisely read the tea leaves when he pulled the plug on a proposed wheel tax in the city of La Crosse. He was smart enough to recognize that his call to charge an annual $25 per vehicle to raise money for road repairs simply didn’t have the support of the […]

DNR right not to issue fines for wastewater release

It is easy to criticize the DNR. Longtime critics like to refer to the state agency as “damn near Russia” because of its many regulations. But it appears the Wisconsin DNR got it right when they decided not to issue any citations against a Western Wisconsin frac sand mine that released some 10 million gallons […]

Walker hoping voters have short memories

It is an interesting campaign strategy for Governor Scott Walker. He has proclaimed himself as the education Governor in his race against Tony Evers, a man who has spent his entire life in education. Walker is likely playing defense, and trying to control the message. After all, Walker broke the teachers unions, imposed cuts to […]

Vote on corporate welfare should come before election

The deadline has passed, but Governor Walker still hopes to be able to provide more corporate welfare. Kimberly Clark announced it would be closing its plant in the Fox Valley, putting some 500 people out of work. They told the state they would consider staying open, if our elected officials would agree to give them […]

Congress still doing nothing to prevent Russian hacking

If you are like most employees, if you have a lot of work to do, you may have to stay later, or perhaps come in on the weekend to get all your work done. Not so for members of Congress. Even when it comes to dealing with measures of national security. The United States Congress […]

SUPCO nominee Kavanaugh doesn’t appear very judicial

  Sometimes it is good to press the pause button. The contentious hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, designed to determine whether Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court, was one of the more embarrassing moments in U.S. political history. Trying to determine the meaning of scribbles on a yearbook decades ago, […]

Have a happy, and safe Oktoberfest

Happy Oktoberfest! The annual celebration of our German heritage has now begun in La Crosse, and for many people that means fun. Lots of fun. A chance to enjoy good food, music and friends, perhaps those you don’t see often. For many festers, beer takes center stage once that golden keg is tapped. And while […]

We shouldn’t need a permit to throw a party

Tailgating is a Wisconsin tradition. But under some changes being considered by lawmakers in Madison, your ability to do so, at least if alcohol is being served, could be curtailed. A legislative study committee met yesterday to consider new laws regulating alcohol consumption. This looks to be a resurrection of a similar attempt last year […]

Gov Walker finally makes fixing roads a priority

When elections approach, politicians tend to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been cutting money for public education during his 8 years in office, but in the last budget, finally provided more money for education and promptly declared himself the education Governor. During a stop in La Crosse for a […]

Wisconsin doesn’t need law protecting those with pre-existing medical conditions

Sometimes, politicians make things more difficult than they need to be. For example, Governor Scott Walker has ordered his Attorney General to sue the federal government over the Affordable Care Act. Walker has a history of trying to undermine the federal health care law. He promised to repeal the law “on day one” if he […]