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As I See It

As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Milk should contain dairy to be called milk

There are reasons foods have labels. So you know what is in it. And how many calories it has, where it is made and a freshness date. We rarely consider how accurate those labels are. That is why some Wisconsin state legislators are proposing a truth in food labeling bill. It is primarily designed to […]

Red flag laws not a violation of 2nd Amendment

Do we really have to choose between the 2nd Amendment and preventing gun violence? That is what critics of gun control suggest. That is the argument we are hearing now when it comes to what are known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is proposing ERPO legislation that would allow for judges […]

UW-L needs to address sexual misconduct allegations quickly and completely

If there is one thing we have learned since the #metoo movement, it is that those who are accused need to be transparent and to address the issue quickly. That is why it is important that UW-La Crosse get in front of allegations surrounding a university professor. That professor is accused of sexual misconduct in […]

Safe Harbor bill finally deserves a vote

Sex trafficking remains a problem in Wisconsin. All 72 counties have reported cases of sex trafficking. But now some state lawmakers are working to try to end the problem. One piece of legislation would change the way victims of sex trafficking are treated. Right now girls who are victims of sex trafficking can end up […]

Lawmakers consider tougher drunk driving laws

Some progress is being made to reduce drunk driving in Wisconsin. The numbers show there are fewer alcohol related fatalities, and crashes each year. But the numbers remain staggering. Thousands of people are arrested for driving drunk each year in Wisconsin. And most people have driven drunk dozens of times before they ever get caught. […]

Tracking of open records requests should resume under Gov. Evers

As Gov. Tony Evers sets the tone for how state government operates. It is important that he set a good example for members of his administration to follow. That is why it is troubling that earlier this year, Evers refused to provide media credentials to the conservative news organization the MacIver Institute. That is now […]

Wisconsin missing out on legal sports betting

Its a pretty safe bet that before long, all states will legalize sports betting. But at this point its also a safe bet that Wisconsin may be the last state to do so. When the Supreme Court opened the doors to legalized sports betting in states other than Nevada and New Jersey, many states were […]

Here’s hoping new leader will help Wisconsin taxpayers finally get their money’s worth from WEDC

The final member of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ cabinet has now been nominated, and it is someone from our part of the state. Missy Hughes, currently chief mission officer and general counsel for the Organic Valley Farmer’s Cooperative in La Farge has been selected to be the new CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. […]

Just ten counties will decide next election? Good thing La Crosse isn’t one of them

We saw how close the contest was in the last presidential election. It came down to just 77,000 votes in three Midwestern battleground states. Are we in for a repeat performance in 2020? At least one political publication suggests that not only will the 2020 presidential contest be close, it will come down to just […]

Fight over settling state lawsuits shows just how dysfunctional things are in Madison

What a mess in Madison. The two political parties can’t seem to agree not only on the rules of the game, but just what game they are playing. The mess started when the Republican-controlled legislature passed new laws requiring the new democratic Attorney General to get their permission before signing off on the settlement of […]

Split government shouldn’t mean lack of progress

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the headline confirms it. In era of split government, expect few major bills during the fall session. That is the case for the Wisconsin Legislature, controlled by Republicans while a Democrat sits in the Governor’s mansion. That means less agreement on what issues and policies are important to each […]

Getting help recovering from disasters should be easier, faster

It seems we are seeing it happen more frequently. Heavy rains, often several inches at a time, leading to flash flooding. The type of flooding that puts lives in danger, and damages roads and other infrastructure. That is when the government steps in to help, with Governors touring damaged communities and requesting federal disaster assistance. […]

Political power play has Wisconsin potentially losing out on millions in legal settlements

It is becoming increasingly clear why it was a bad idea for Wisconsin lawmakers to restrict the power of the state’s Attorney General. After the election, but before Tony Evers was sworn in as Governor and Josh Kaul was sworn in as Attorney General, the Republican controlled legislature passed new laws restricting the power of […]

Wisconsin needs death with dignity law

It is called death with dignity. But that is still not possible in Wisconsin, or most other states. It should be. But it remains illegal for doctors to provide a terminally-ill patient with medication allowing them to end their lives on their own terms. Only seven states and the District of Columbia currently have death […]

Charging to park in La Crosse ramps shouldn’t be so inconsistent

Why do they insist on making it so difficult? The City of La Crosse has so struggled with the concept of paying to park in city ramps that they actually had to hold a vote to decide whether to charge people to park on the days when the demand for convenient parking is at is […]

Construction finally begins on Foxconn plant

Finally, Foxconn has a face. Ever since the largest public subsidies to a foreign company in the nation’s history were announced, the only image we have seen is that of Governor Walker and President Trump digging their golden shovels into the dirt in a photo op. Now, two years later, we are seeing images of […]

La Crosse and Onalaska need a beer summit

If you remember the battle  over annexation between La Crosse and Onalaska back in the 1990’s, you also remember the level of acrimony and mistrust between the two neighboring cities. It seems those hostile attitudes have resurfaced in a new battle over funding for a La Crosse Center expansion. La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat asked […]

CBO deficit forecast shows there is plenty of fat to trim

The current path is unsustainable. That clear and dire warning comes from the Congressional Budget Office as it forecasts a growing federal budget deficit. The latest report from the nonpartisan agency warns that federal deficits are expected to swell to higher levels over the next decade than previously expected. The report says our federal debt […]