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Effort to stop gerrymandering begins today

It is time for Wisconsin lawmakers to decide if they are acting in the public interest, or in their own partisan interests. Today in Madison, a bill calling for a more fair process of redistricting will be formally introduced. This comes on the heels of a U.S. Supreme Court decision essentially saying it is up […]

Both sides right, and wrong, in debate over immigration

President Trump is right. There is a crisis at the nation’s southern border. But it is not the kind of crisis that requires a wall. And democrats are right. We should not be separating immigrant families, and those who are caught crossing our border illegally should still be treated humanely. That sure leaves a lot […]

Congress needs to cancel its vacation and get to work

This is hardly something new, but once again Congress is failing to do its job. The United States government could run out of money to pay its bills by September if Congress doesn’t vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. That’s because the federal government has brought in far less tax revenue this year than […]

Higher fuel-mileage standards ok with drivers

Would you rather own a car that gets good gas mileage, or a car that gets bad gas mileage? The answer seems pretty clear. We’re seeing evidence of that with more and more hybrid or electric vehicles on the road today. And even those who aren’t ready to go green are happy to have to […]

Foxconn fesses up

It is news that should surprise no one. In fact, it may not even be considered news that Foxconn is once again falling short of its plans to create jobs in Wisconsin. The Taiwanese company promised a $10 billion investment and the creation of 10,000 jobs when the deal was announced one year ago. Since […]

Thinking big on juvenile justice reform

It used to be, politicians tended to be big thinkers. They set ambitious goals, and figured out ways to achieve things that had not been done before. We did send a man to the moon after all. But lately it seems our politicians simply react to things. If there is a crisis, they try to […]

A budget everyone can like

Perhaps it is not likely to foster a new spirit of cooperation between democrats and republicans. But members of both parties should be happy with the new budget for the state of Wisconsin. The process began when Governor Tony Evers released his proposed budget to the Republican controlled legislature. The Republican-controlled legislature gutted much of […]

City hall tight-lipped about new pay-to-park rules

For the first time, the city of La Crosse has undertaken a controversial plan to charge to park on public streets in some parts of the city. The thinking is that charging people to park in highly congested areas around UW La Crosse and WTC will encourage those visitors to use public parking ramps, freeing […]

Tanks, but no tanks Mr. President

It seems the cost of vanity is pretty high. President Donald Trump is scurrying to put together plans for a big celebration of America on the Fourth of July in the National Mall. Our President has been fixated on some sort of military themed celebration after attending the Bastille Day celebration in France two years […]

Original players nearly all gone in Foxconn deal

It has been almost one year to the day that President Donald Trump and former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dug their gold shovels into the earth to break ground for a massive Foxconn plant in Wisconsin. Visibly, not much has changed. There is only one building constructed so far in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. Hardly the […]

Clock is ticking for Governor Evers to sign or veto state budget

The clock is now ticking. The Wisconsin Assembly and Senate have approved a new state budget and sent it to Governor Evers for his signature. Democrat Evers didn’t get everything he wanted from the Republican Legislature, but no Governor ever does. The question is, will it be enough? Evers has some of the most powerful […]

Courts give permission to rig elections

The system is rigged. And apparently the nation’s highest court is ok with that. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on its final day before its summer break that efforts to create legislative districts benefiting one political party over the other is constitutional. Actually, according to Chief Justice John Roberts, the issue is beyond the purview […]

Politics is like making sausage

It has been said politics is like making sausages. You don’t want to see how it is done, even if you like the final outcome. That is evident as the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate vote on a new state budget proposal. There is a lot of horse-trading going on, a lot of backs looking to […]

Lawmakers wisely vote to end tax breaks for Wisconsin companies which move out of state

Our politicians rarely agree on much. Republicans and Democrats have their own agendas, their own world-view, their own vision of what is best for their voters. But sometimes the stars align, and both Republicans and Democrats can actually work together to get something done. Such is the case in Wisconsin, where Governor Tony Evers has […]

Wisconsin voters want non-partisan redistricting process, but lawmakers aren’t listening

It is the age-old question in politics. Should those elected to political office cast votes that match the interests of their constituents, or do they somehow know better than those they represent? If we want our politicians to vote the way their voters want, then on the issue of drawing Wisconsin’s legislative boundaries, there is […]

Finally some progress on toughening Wisconsin’s OWI laws

They have hardly reached the finish line, but at least they have left the starting gate. A handful of Wisconsin lawmakers have spent the past ten years pushing for tougher drunk driving laws in the state. Each time, Rep. Jim Ott has come up empty-handed. But finally, two bills cracking down on those who get […]

Private attorneys for our lawmakers costing taxpayers plenty

The costs are adding up quickly for Wisconsin taxpayers. As part of the Wisconsin legislature’s lame-duck session, Wisconsin lawmakers granted themselves the permission to hire outside legal counsel in any potential court case. Typically, the state Attorney General, the state’s chief lawyer, represents the state in lawsuits. But apparently Republicans who control the Legislature don’t […]

Wisconsin Lt. Governor needs to lead by example

When it comes to our tax obligations, we are all expected to pitch in. Even if you are the Lt. Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes finds himself in some hot water over reports of unpaid property taxes. Barnes owes more than $2200 in delinquent property taxes to the city […]