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Gas tax hike likely best option for raising road money

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers promised on the campaign trail to address Wisconsin’s crumbling roads and bridges. And he is planning to unveil his plan for doing so when he introduces his state budget. The plan for paying to fix our roads, rated among the worst in the nation, will likely include some sort of new […]

Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau is the brains behind the operation

When it comes to good government, the politicians like to take the credit. They are the ones who determine how our money should be spent and what new laws are needed. They are the ones with the fancy offices and the staff, and the travel budget. They are the ones to get credit when a […]

Wisconsin’s new Governor shows concern about state’s juvenile prison woes

In his eight years as Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker did not make one visit to the state’s juvenile prison, the Lincoln Hills School for boys. Despite the fact that the lockup has been the site of a number of attacks on both guards and inmates, as well as sexual assaults that prompted an FBI […]

2019 could be the year Wisconsin cracks down on drunk drivers

Finally, we may see action to toughen Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. Sure, we’ve heard that before, but legislation designed to do that went no where. Representatives Alberta Darling and Jim Ott have worked for more than a decade to toughen Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. This legislative session may be the time it finally gets done. […]

We shouldn’t have to pay to park on our own streets

When the city of La Crosse first rolled out plans to charge to park on the streets in certain neighborhoods, we wondered how long it would be before the plan was extended to other city streets. Well, that didn’t take long. In order to diffuse complaints the plan to begin charging to park on the […]

Government jobs should require better searches for best and brightest

Typically, when businesses have a job opening, they post the opening, conduct interviews, and hire the person they think has the best qualifications. But it doesn’t work that way in politics. New Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was sworn into office yesterday, but since the election he has been working to select those who will oversee […]

Wisconsin lawmakers continue to flaunt public records laws

In our democracy, our public officials are there to serve us. And the law says we have the right to keep tabs on how they are doing that. In Wisconsin, public records laws are very clear, stating that government records are widely available to the public. Especially when it involves spending our money. State lawmakers […]

Wisconsin lawmakers could find common ground on tougher drunk driving laws

It is increasingly clear that we shouldn’t expect much in the way of compromise when Wisconsin’s new Governor takes office next week. He still will have to try to get legislation through a republican controlled legislature, a legislature which has already ruffled the feathers of compromise by restricting the power of incoming Governor Tony Evers. […]

State lawmakers could weigh in on La Crosse’s battle between police and courts

Turns out La Crosse is not alone in a battle over how to treat those who are accused of breaking the law. In fact, the controversy over judges allegedly being soft on crime has attracted the attention of state lawmakers. La Crosse’s battle between the police and the courts has been a very public one, […]

Will gridlock be the word of the year in 2019?

We are barely into the new year, but it already appears that the 2019 word of the year may well be gridlock. We are seeing that in our nation’s capital, and our state capital. In Washington, republicans and democrats are so at odds over just about everything that much of the federal government remains shut […]

Some good things happened in 2018

Here we are already. The final day of 2018. What a year it was. As we reflect on the past year, it can be easy to remember the bad things. And there were plenty of those. Wildfires, hurricanes, more school shootings. But plenty of good things happened in the last twelve months, and sometimes its […]

Government shutdown getting more real

Talks over a wall have hit a wall. We are now entering the seventh day of the U.S. government shutdown, with no end in sight. All because President Trump insists that a new spending bill for Homeland Security include $5 billion for a wall along the Mexican border. Trump is living up to his promise […]

Trying to follow city rules

Sometimes, you just can’t win for losing. You try to follow the rules but someone tells you you’re doing it wrong. For example, I recently purchased a new sofa. Which meant the old sofa had to go. I could have taken it to the dump, but I don’t have a pickup truck at my disposal. […]

Outgoing politicians fall up, not down

It is hard to feel sorry for the politicians when the voters reject them. Sure, they suddenly find themselves out of a job, but typically not for long. Perhaps none have landed on their feet as quickly as outgoing Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel. Schimel was defeated in the November election in a close race […]

A Christmas wish for everyone

This holiday, we hope everyone gets what they want under the tree. Not just the children who are eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival tonight. For those who are suffering, we wish comfort. For those who are struggling, we wish good fortune. For those who are ill, we wish good health. For those who are at war, […]

Lame duck laws likely to be tied up in courts for years

Forget for a minute the debate over whether laws passed in Wisconsin’s lame-duck legislative session are right, or just. One thing for sure is that the result of that legislative action is going to be costly for taxpayers. The legislature passed 141 pages of legislation designed to limit the power of the incoming Governor and […]

Turns out, while rare, compromise is possible

It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, it is worth taking note. Republicans and Democrats in the nation’s capital actually agree on something. They worked together, they compromised, and in the end passed legislation to make this country better. In a bipartisan effort, members of the United States Senate passed a bill overhauling the […]

Court fight over voting rights to be lengthy, expensive

Here we go again. A court fight is about to get underway over restrictions Wisconsin lawmakers have put on our right to vote. The lame duck legislature, in a series of bills designed to keep the republican’s hold on power, passed legislation restricting early voting opportunities to just two weeks before the election. In the […]