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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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When politicians change their minds, should we believe them?

We all have the right to change our minds. Chances are you don’t feel exactly the same about any number of issues as you did when you were younger. Some would suggest that is a sign of personal growth, that no matter how entrenched your views you allow your mind to be changed when new […]

Wisconsin’s special sessions a waste of time and money

This doesn’t sound like a very effective system. In Wisconsin, the law gives the Governor the authority to call lawmakers into a special session of the Legislature. That is typically reserved for dealing with emergencies, or for settling the most pressing and contentious issues affecting the state. When the Governor calls lawmakers back to Madison, […]

Maybe people, not politicians, should decide the rules

Maybe it time to give average citizens the right to determine under what laws they should live. That is the proposal of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers who is calling for a change in the state Constitution which would give the people of the state the right to force a referendum on proposed state laws. It […]

City needs to decide future of La Crosse Center

Why is it taking so long? The director of the La Crosse Center is stepping down in just one month. But the city still hasn’t hired someone to replace him. In fact, it doesn’t seem to know if it will hire someone to replace him or hire a private agency to manage the La Crosse […]

Participating in political debates should be mandatory for candidates

There aren’t many requirements to run for political office. You have to be a legal citizen, and sometimes be of a certain age. Perhaps there should be one more requirement for aspiring politicians, an appearance in political debates. It seems this election system, debates have become more political. Third District congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden […]

County budget proposal a good start

When you come into some money unexpectedly, it can be tempting to go on a spending spree. Rarely is that a good idea. That is why it is good to see that La Crosse County is being prudent as it puts together a budget for the coming year. La Crosse County Administrator Steve O’Malley has […]

Political candidates need to provide answers, not just commercials

Generally speaking, we would like to hear less from the politicians, not more. But that isn’t necessarily true on the campaign trail. It is important that we have a chance to get to know those candidates running for public office. How else can we make a decision at the ballot box? That is why it […]

Now is the time to fix census

Despite the importance of the job, it seems we aren’t very good at it. Every ten years the United States conducts a census, designed to be an accurate count of the country’s population, and where they live. That information then determines, for example, how many seats a state gets in Congress, and how trillions in […]

Much work needed to fix American health care system

We agree it is a problem, but not on how to fix it. A new poll finds deep dissatisfaction with the American system of health care but widely differing views on how it should be changed. The poll by the Associated Press and The Center for Public Affairs Research found public satisfaction with the U.S. […]

Fund public schools or private schools? We can’t afford both

Wisconsin’s candidates for Governor disagree on many issues. But perhaps no single issue illustrates the disparity in their vision for the states as education. Governor Tony Evers has spent his life in public education, as a teacher, a principal, and as the state’s superintendent of schools. His opponent, Tim Michels, is calling not to build […]

Better double check your absentee ballot

Voters in Wisconsin will need to be a bit more deliberate if casting absentee ballots in the next election. In yet another case in the courts defining the rules for Wisconsin elections, a judge has ruled that municipal clerks can no longer fill in missing information on the envelopes containing absentee ballots. For the past […]

Top priority remains in search of a solution

La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds has called addressing the homelessness problem his top priority. But it is clear there is a long way to go. The 140 or so unsheltered people living in Houska Park will have to be out by the end of next month. But the city doesn’t have a plan for what […]

Polls show independent voters could be key in Wisconsin Senate race

The November mid-term elections are now just two months away. Plenty can change in eight weeks, but a reading of the political tea leaves offers some insight into what may happen on November 9. The Marquette University Law School poll suggests independent voters may decide the outcome. Apparently there are still some voters who don’t […]

No matter our disagreements, we don’t need pitchforks and torches

Few things get our blood boiling like politics. But sometimes political rhetoric goes too far. In a prime-time speech to the nation last week, President Joe Biden warned of the danger of politicians encouraging violence as a political tool. Apparently Tim Michels wasn’t listening. The Republican candidate for Governor in Wisconsin reacted angrily to a […]

Reducing college costs better than erasing student debt

When President Joe Biden wiped out student debt for some college borrowers, he only addressed the symptom, not the illness. The real problem is less the amount of debt students held, but why they had to borrow it in the first place. The cost of attending college these days is extraordinarily high, and rising. The […]

Opioid settlement money should be spent tackling the problem

An epidemic implies a sense of urgency. But that seems lost on Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers. There is no question Wisconsin and the nation are in the midst of an opioid epidemic. In La Crosse County, there have been 26 overdose related deaths this year, which is on pace to set a record. Many of the […]

More options needed for future of La Crosse schools

Is a coming La Crosse school district referendum on shaky ground? Opposition appears to be growing to the idea of merging the city’s two high schools into one new building. The yard signs reading “Save Logan” or “No new schools” are becoming an increasingly common sight around town. And the opposition is becoming more organized, […]

Let’s find out who we’re trying to help before deciding how to help

We can all agree La Crosse has a homeless problem. What we can’t seem to agree on is what is causing it, and what should be done about it. The city of La Crosse has been trying various solutions over the years, but still the problem grows. A recent count of the homeless in La […]