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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Nothing government can do says chair of health committee

What can government do? The answer is nothing. At least in the eyes of one Wisconsin state representative. State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo gave an interesting interview to the Wisconsin Eye Network this week as he discussed governmental response to the coronavirus. In his words, “there is nothing the government can do” to fight Covid-19. Sanfelippo’s […]

Order to go, please

It is getting hard to keep track of the rules. The on-again, off-again ruling that Wisconsin bars and restaurants limit occupancy to no more than 25% of capacity is on again. A judge had put a temporary halt to the order last week, but now the courts have sided with the Governor Tony Evers’ administration […]

Will they make the most of their one last chance on stimulus package?

One last shot? It appears there may be one final chance for Congress to help struggling Americans. But it is a tight window. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a 48 hour deadline for reaching an agreement for a second coronavirus stimulus bill. It is likely the final opportunity to reach a deal in advance of […]

Statewide solution to coronavirus not needed

As I see it … I’m Bill Feehan with the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Democrats continue to criticize Republicans in the Legislature for not enacting a statewide response to COVID-19. You won’t be seeing a statewide solution from Republicans, we believe that responses should be based upon local conditions. It’s pretty easy to see that […]

Judge’s order chooses full bars over full classrooms

It is a trying time for bars and restaurants. Many are barely hanging on as they have seen business drop during the pandemic. Calling it a “de facto closure” the Wisconsin Tavern League has filed a lawsuit challenging Governor Tony Evers’ order that those businesses limit their occupancy to no more than 25% of capacity […]

Should we trust the polls this time?

Four years ago at this time, the polls suggested Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. According to the polling numbers, Clinton would carry Wisconsin on her way to collecting 270 electoral votes. Neither of those things happened. Now, in 2020, polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump, in some cases by double digits. Day after […]

Taking the lead on pandemic response requires leadership

We’ve seen this movie before, and we know how it ends. When Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature sued to overturn Governor Tony Evers’ executive order declaring a public health emergency to battle the coronavirus, the results were predictable. Republicans who were so adamant that the Governor’s approach to tackling the virus was wrong refused […]

La Crosse needs to do more to promote pedestrian safety

The safety of bicyclists and pedestrians is important. The city of La Crosse has taken steps to ensure that safety, but it is clear more needs to be done. On King Street and elsewhere, this summer the city created bump-outs to slow traffic. They more recently painted signs on the street indicating a bicycle right […]

Wisconsin Legislature least active in nation

We have been critical of the Wisconsin Legislature for its inactivity. Turns our we are not alone. The Wisconsin Legislature, full-time in name only, has taken off most of 2020. They have met in full session just once since March. That is despite all the issues that need to be addressed. No action to help […]

More candidates needed on debate stage

Back to the debate stage tonight, as the Vice Presidential candidates meet for the first and only time. We trust it won’t be a repeat of the first presidential debate, which quickly devolved into a shouting match. It left many wondering, “Are these are only choices?” One may think so, with the debate stage occupied […]

Give clerks a head start counting

So, who won? We are all eager to find out the results of the election. But we may not know the final result until well after the polls close. Election officials say it could even be days, perhaps several days, before a winner can be determined. That is due in large part to the record […]

Long vacation continues for Wisconsin lawmakers

Just what will it take? What will it take for Wisconsin lawmakers to do their jobs? Our state representatives have been on vacation since March, and currently have no plans to return to Madison any time in 2020. That is despite the fact that the coronavirus continues to surge in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has one of […]

One last chance for Congress to do something meaningful

It looks like it is now or never. Let’s hope the choice is now. Congress is back to negotiating another round of coronavirus relief, with reports some progress is being made. The two sides had walked away from negotiations weeks ago, but are making one more try before the election. They are still far apart, […]

No reason to hold more presidential debates

It was hardly must see TV. The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden quickly devolved into a shouting match, complete with name calling and orders to shut up. It was not very presidential. To say it was a circus is an affront to circus clowns. For those of us who have watched […]

Legal maneuverings undermine confidence in election integrity

It is a troubling trend. American’s confidence in the outcome of our elections is in decline. A survey by CNN finds just 22% say they are very confident that all votes in the November election will be counted fairly. That is a 13% drop from just four years ago. There are likely many reasons, but […]

PPE program seemed a success, until now

When it comes to our federal government, even when things look like they are working, they probably are not. When the economy turned sour, the federal government came up with a program to help struggling businesses keep their doors open. The Paycheck Protection Program was popular, and a lifeline. The government doled out $525 billion […]

Still waiting for unemployment? You’re not alone

We knew it was bad. We couldn’t have imagined it was this bad. Shortly after the pandemic and the subsequent economic fallout began, many people in Wisconsin were forced out of work. We quickly heard of the struggles by those who found themselves applying for unemployment. They said they tried to call to apply for […]

Cheers to a safe Oktoberfest

Happy Oktoberfest? In any other year, today would have marked the tapping of the Golden Keg to kick off Oktoberfest. But this isn’t just any other year. There will be no official festing in 2020. But how much unofficial festing will there be? For college students, let’s hope less than other years. At UW La […]