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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Return 17-year-olds to juvenile court

Wisconsin continues to struggle with how to properly deal with young lawbreakers. One step lawmakers could take is to bring 17 year-olds who run afoul of the law back into the juvenile justice system. As more and more states work to instill justice in their legal system by sending teenagers to juvenile court, Wisconsin has […]

Wisconsin still can’t get unemployment fix right

Few have been as hard hit by the pandemic as those who lost their jobs in Wisconsin. That’s because Wisconsin dropped the ball in efforts to help the tens of thousands who lost their jobs in the state. Congress wisely offered extended benefits to the unemployed, but in Wisconsin people tried for weeks and even […]

Progress amid a pandemic

Sometimes we measure progress a day at a time. But sometimes we need to take a wider view. When it comes to the pandemic, it has been a long, challenging year. One year ago we had barely heard of Covid-19, and had little clue it would suddenly dominate our lives in many ways. But we […]

Election bills not about restoring confidence

Wisconsin legislators want to adopt new rules for voting in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, none of their ideas would help a single Wisconsinite register to vote, or cast their ballot. The bill’s sponsors say they are about restoring confidence in our elections, but what it really does is make it harder for people to vote. Among the […]

Sometimes speaking your mind comes with a price

Few liberties are as widely debated as our right to free speech. We see it on college campuses in Wisconsin, where they have tried to protect the rights of some to speak, while threatening sanctions for those who disrupt their speech. We see it on message boards and social media posts, where people often hide […]

Finally, a small patch of common ground in Madison

It is hardly worthy of celebration. But given the circumstances, it must at least be pointed out. For the first time in ten months, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed into law a bill passed by the Republican Legislature. It was long overdue. The bill that now becomes law had bipartisan support, something we haven’t seen […]

Give refs the protection they deserve

It is hardly the most pressing issue in Wisconsin. Issues like the pandemic and the economy should take priority. But Wisconsin lawmakers have reintroduced legislation to protect those who referee sporting events in the state. This is a bill that deserves to pass. Wisconsin currently has no protections on the books to ensure those who […]

Proposed Wisconsin budget again packed with things that don’t belong

A budget typically is an outline of spending priorities. Where will the money be spent, and where will it come from? But in government, certainly in Wisconsin, a budget has come to be much more. Too much more. Governor Evers unveiled his two-year budget proposal this week. It is a $91 billion document and outlines […]

Higher costs, less service not the answer to Postal Service woes

When a business is struggling, cutting service and raising prices are rarely the recipe for turning things around. Yet that seems to be the plan for the U.S. Postal Service. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is promoting plans to eliminate first-class mail, and to raise the costs of postage. No longer would the USPS promise two-day […]

La Crosse’s future in the hands of voters today

It may seem like we just went to the polls, but today is election day again in La Crosse. Residents are being asked to go to the polls today to select a new mayor. We won’t see the turnout we saw in November, far from it. But as we have said this is an important […]

Is sales tax answer to our high property tax?

WIZM News recently asked La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat what could be done to reduce property taxes in the city. His answer was that the state needed to provide more flexibility for local municipalities to help them reduce their reliance on the property tax. That won’t happen before Kabat leaves office, but La Crosse’s next […]

Absentee ballots best for nursing home residents

Here we go again. Fresh off unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the last election, some Wisconsin lawmakers are raising alarms again about voter fraud. It has to do with residents in Wisconsin nursing homes.  State Rep. Steve Nass is upset that what are called Special Voting Deputies are not being sent to these facilities […]

Wisconsin finally begins discussion about legalizing it

It isn’t likely to become law in Wisconsin, at least not yet, but it is good that Governor Tony Evers is proposing legalizing marijuana use in the state. Evers has proposed legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in his budget proposal. Most expect this will be a non-starter with the Republican-controlled legislature, but some think […]

Not anti-mask? Prove it

It isn’t about the masks, they have told us repeatedly. Instead, Wisconsin legislative leaders argue, it is about ensuring that our Governor does not exceed his powers. That, they tell us, is why last week the Legislature voted to repeal Governor Evers’ statewide mask mandate. They argue that legislators, not the Governor, have the authority […]

Drug settlement long overdue

Finally, some justice in the opioid scandal. A consulting firm has agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 40 states, including Wisconsin, for helping the makers of Oxycontin flood the streets with their poison pills. The firm McKinsey and Co. will pay $573 million for its role in the opioid epidemic. […]

Task Force on Racial Disparities more about scoring political points than getting things done

We speculated at the time it was little more than a smoke screen. Newly uncovered emails show we were right. Back in May after the death of George Floyd, people took to the streets and demanded change. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers also wanted change, proposing a series of legislation designed to rein in police behavior […]

Wisconsin small businesses hit with unexpected tax bills

When the federal government offered payroll protection loans to millions of businesses, it did so to try to help the companies that received the money stay afloat amid the pandemic and its economic fallout. It is credited with keeping thousands of businesses from closing their doors, at least for now. But there is trouble lurking […]

An important election, despite lack of interest

The next election is now two weeks from today. But chances are you won’t bother to cast a ballot. Spring primaries are often the sleepiest of elections, often drawing as little as 15% of registered voters to the polls. These contests don’t have the star power of other elections, like last November’s, but these are […]