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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Fewer, not more, hurdles needed for voting

We all shook our heads in disappointment after seeing such a poor turnout in La Crosse’s last election. Barely one quarter of the city’s eligible voters turned out to vote. We wish more people would take part in forming our governments. That is why it is disappointing to see our lawmakers in Madison trying so […]

Will meat raffles become legal again?

It is hardly the most pressing issue facing the state of Wisconsin, but it is good to see our lawmakers are willing to give a break to those trying to do good in their communities. The State Senate has passed a bill easing restrictions on charitable gambling. The so-called paddlewheel raffles are popular at churches […]

Now they want a seat at the table?

Talk about an exercise in futility. Wisconsin legislative leaders have a plan for spending federal funding designed to help states recover from the pandemic. The problem is, they don’t have the authority to make that decision. And what they want to do probably isn’t legal. And even if they did pass a spending plan, it […]

A return to investment in our public lands

Wisconsin has a proud tradition of protecting its natural resources. Or at least it used to. According to the Wisconsin Policy Forum, Wisconsin ranks 49th among the states in spending on parks and recreation. It takes money to protect our clean water and natural resources, and to provide habitat for wildlife. The Knowles-Nelson program is […]

Supreme Court ruling a victory for Wisconsin voters

It is a victory for Wisconsin voters. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the Wisconsin Elections Commission should not remove from the voter rolls the names of those who may have moved. This is the culmination of a two year fight, with Democrats wanting the names to remain, while Republicans wanted them purged. They […]

Constant campaigning not necessary

Many people are turned off by politics. It’s hard to blame them. Some think politicians are all crooked liars. Others think it doesn’t matter who they vote for, that nothing will change. Another thing that turns off many is the constant campaigning. It seems as soon as one election ends, the campaign begins immediately for […]

Work needed to get more people to participate in democratic process

The results of Tuesday’s election were rather underwhelming. Not who won or lost, but how many people chose not to participate in the democratic process. Turnout for spring elections tend to be small, and that was certainly the case for voters in the city of La Crosse. Turnout for the presidential contest topped 80%, even […]

Congress needs a den mother to keep those children in line

Just who is in charge? For the United State Congress, the answer appears to be no one. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is the subject of a federal criminal investigation into whether he paid women for sex and whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. No charges have yet been filed but it […]

The future of La Crosse is on the ballot

Finally, today is election day. It has been a long few months for the two candidates for Mayor of La Crosse. Not long by federal election standards, but both Vicki Markussen and Mitch Reynolds have knocked on lots of doors, attended lots of events and participated in plenty of debates. Both candidates have worked hard […]

Mask lawsuit shows Supreme Court justices should not hear cases involving their big donors

We need to dig deeper into the topic we discussed yesterday; the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Governor’s statewide mask mandate. We mentioned the lack of a pandemic response could cost the state $50 million a month in federal food stamp assistance. There is another money trail that needs to be followed, and […]

Mask mandate muzzled

It is no April Fool’s joke. Wisconsin’s mask mandate is no more. The state Supreme Court ruled that Governor Tony Evers lacked the authority to extend the state’s emergency order to deal with the pandemic. As a result, the statewide mask mandate has been cancelled. The court ruled only the Legislature has the authority to […]

Wisconsin makes progress in fight against Covid

It is a Covid success story. After initial delays, Wisconsin has become one of the leading states to get the vaccinations in people’s arms. Wisconsin got off to a slow start. At the end of January, The Centers for Disease Control reported Wisconsin ranked among the bottom five states in administering the vaccine. Now, Wisconsin […]

Unsurprisingly, no action on racial disparities in Wisconsin

It seems, more and more, that it really wasn’t about ensuring change. On the heels of the deadly protests in Kenosha last summer, Wisconsin lawmakers were urged to address issues of police violence. Instead of dealing with the issues head on, they appointed a task force, something lawmakers like to do to make it look […]

Time running out to ensure your vote counts

We are just over one week until our next election. But if you haven’t made plans to vote somehow other than in-person, time is quickly running out. In fact, Wisconsin voters who are voting absentee by mail need to act quickly. According to state law, voters have until this Thursday at 5pm to request an […]

PFAS rules no good without enforcement

It is a word we had never heard before, and suddenly we seem to hear it more and more. That word is PFAS, an acronym for polyfluoroalkyl substances. They are chemicals, referred to as “forever chemicals”  that have been in use since the 1940s but now are showing up in our lakes, rivers and people’s […]

Force lawmakers to get to work?

The lack of action by the Wisconsin Legislature has been well documented. They essentially took a year off. A year when a pandemic raged, our cities burned and people looked for action. But Wisconsin lawmakers went hundreds of days without even going to work. Perhaps it’s time to hold their feet to the fire. One […]

Why is there no such thing as a free lunch?

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but why not? Study after study has shown that students learn best when they are not hungry. But hunger remains a real problem among students. So why isn’t a free lunch something schools provide, just like textbooks and computers? That is what the director […]

Foxconn’s latest vision, again

The twists and turns continue for the future of Foxconn. The company that once vowed to bring Wisconsin the eighth wonder of the world is still undecided about what to do about its largely unused Wisconsin properties. First it was big screens for televisions. Then screens for phones. A training facility. Building servers. We have […]