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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Things still don’t line up on 2nd Street

Just in time for the Oktoberfest parade, crews are putting the finishing touches on the redesign of Second Street in La Crosse. They have spent the past month reconfiguring the layout of the street that runs past our radio building. That includes some bump-outs at Second and State, and the addition of new bike lanes. […]

Menendez should listen to critics and step down

In America, a person is presumed innocent, unless found guilty in a court of law. That is true of the poor and the very wealthy, and it is true of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Menendez has been accused of abusing his power, allegedly accepting lavish gifts in return for favors by a powerful committee […]

Sore losers should be able to run for office too

This seems a solution in search of a problem. Some lawmakers in Madison want to change the rules regarding our elections. A handful of representatives want to bar any candidate who loses in a partisan primary election from then running a write-in campaign. It is called a “sore-loser” law. Under current law, a candidate, even […]

Congress again hurtling government toward the cliff

Congress finds itself in a familiar position, as once again the clock is running to avoid a federal government shutdown. The government will run out of money by the end of this week if it does not pass legislation to continue to temporarily fund the government. Some say let them shut down, but that would […]

Partisan politics prove pricey

In the ongoing disputes between Republicans and Democrats in Wisconsin, there is one clear winner. The attorneys. The fight over matters big and small often end up in court, and that is costing taxpayers big money. The fight over redistricting appears headed for more court battles, and lawmakers are prepping for the fight by hiring […]

Lawmakers fail to do their jobs, again

It has happened again. In a scene that has become all too familiar, Wisconsin lawmakers ignored Governor Evers’ call for a special legislative session that summoned them back to Madison. Evers wanted the lawmakers to debate his call for more money for higher education, child care, and a family leave program. As they have done […]

Lawmakers more eager to spend our money than return it

It’s hard to see how this is a good deal for taxpayers. Leaders of the Wisconsin Legislature are feeling generous with our money as they unveil plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the Brewers baseball team in Milwaukee. Republicans hope to spend more than $600 million in taxpayer money to fund […]

Reduce the power of veto pen

Wisconsin’s governors have one of the most powerful veto pens in the nation. That may be about to change, as it should. Wisconsin’s constitution allows governors to alter legislation by replacing words and letters wherever they see fit. And boy, do they get creative. Governor Tony Evers was able to use his powerful veto pen […]

A mockery of our democracy

They’re threatening to make a mockery of our democracy. In Madison, lawmakers are targeting duly elected Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz for possible impeachment, even before she has heard a single case. They are afraid of how she might vote on issues before the court after criticizing current laws which may be challenged before the […]

A sudden change of heart on Wisconsin’s gerrymandered maps

When you’re cornered, your first instinct is to look for a way to escape. That is the position Wisconsin legislative leaders are in as the fight over legislative maps intensifies. The maps that determine legislative districts, and who you get to vote for, are currently drawn by Republicans to favor Republican candidates. And it has […]

So much for loyalty among broadcasters

Whatever happened to tradition? When I was young, Monday Night Football was a big deal. And the broadcast teams were as much as part of the production as the game itself. The likes of Don Meredith and Howard Cosell kept viewers entertained for more than a decade. Viewers tuned in to see them as much […]

Brewers bailout heating up

Just like baseball’s pennant race, efforts to keep the Milwaukee Brewers in Wisconsin is also heating up. The Brewers want state help in renovating and maintaining their ballpark, American Family Field. The team suggests it could move from Milwaukee if the state doesn’t pitch in to help pay for stadium improvements. Governor Evers had proposed […]

No Wisconsin rebate or tax cut anytime soon

It looks like we won’t be getting any of Wisconsin’s state surplus anytime soon. Republicans in Madison have a plan to return much of the now $4 billion surplus to taxpayers. This would not be a rebate, but changes to the tax code which backers say will put more money in the pockets of Wisconsinites. […]

Gov’s office needs rules on workplace romance

Most workplaces have rules in place regarding employees dating co-workers. Most rules bar supervisors from dating those they supervise. That is the policy for most of Wisconsin state government. Those employed in the UW System are barred from dating those who report to them. That is also the case in the Wisconsin Legislature. But not […]

Voucher school expansion hurting public schools

Wisconsin’s public schools are at a crossroads. Enrollment in many districts, like La Crosse, is declining. That means fewer dollars flowing from Madison and leads many districts to hold referendums asking voters to approve spending additional money to educate their children. Part of the problem is the proliferation of private voucher schools. These schools siphon […]

Impeachment for those who act illegally

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’s partisanship is showing. Vos has been outspoken about the possibility of impeaching the newest member of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Janet Protasiewicz won election in April, giving liberals control of the Supreme Court for the first time in 15 years. That could undo some things Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled legislature has […]

Congress’s age is showing

The lawmakers we’ve sent to Washington are getting a little long in the tooth. Those in power in the nation’s capital have traditionally been a bunch of old white guys. There are more women serving in Congress, and more minorities. But they all just keep getting older. President Biden is 80. Former President Trump is […]

Slow but significant process lowering prescription drug prices

It fell short of the reductions some Democrats wanted, but a plan to reduce the price of some prescription drugs is rightfully being hailed as a major accomplishment. The Biden administration announced that negotiations with major drug companies will lead to significant reduction in cost for many drugs that many older and disabled Americans rely […]