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As I See It

As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Meter keeps running on sham election investigation

It was one of the biggest boondoggles in Wisconsin history, and it keeps getting bigger. Taxpayers spent more than a million dollars investigating what didn’t exist; fraud in the last presidential election. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hired former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to investigate alleged fraud in the 2020 contest. Over 14 months, the […]

Congress should stay until it’s work is done

Finally, some common sense in Washington. Legislation has been introduced in Congress which would avoid the threat of government shutdowns. There have been a handful of federal government shutdowns in recent years because of Congress’ inability to pass a comprehensive federal budget. Instead, Congress tends to rely on stop-gap spending measures and continuing resolutions to […]

Clean drinking water should not be a partisan issue

It seems just about everything is a partisan issue these days, even clean drinking water. You would think the right to water that doesn’t make us sick would be something everyone can support. But not in Madison, where a fight is brewing over plans to spend state money to improve the health of our drinking […]

DeSantis to decide which history we can learn

They say you can’t rewrite history. But Florida’s Governor is determined to try.  Ron DeSantis is seemingly trying to do away with black history with his controversial decision to ban an Advanced Placement course on African American studies. Students in Florida’s public schools will no longer be able to learn about the history of blacks […]

What will they do when they have to make the tough decisions?

When times are tough, solving problems are often more difficult. But in Wisconsin, times aren’t tough, at least when it comes to balancing the budget. Wisconsin has a huge budget surplus, more than $6 billion, as Governor Tony Evers and state legislators work to prepare the next state budget. The state is awash in cash, […]

Why no urgency on PFAS?

It is like a bad dream. You find yourself under a clear threat, but seem unable to do anything about it. That must be what it is like for people living on French Island and elsewhere who have been dealing with contaminated well water for years. The danger is from so-called PFAS chemicals, known as […]

The inmates are running the asylum

She was once punished for her extremist views. Now she is being rewarded for them. Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has a history of pushing dangerous conspiracy theories, spreading antisemitic and anti-Muslim messages and has shown support for calls to execute prominent democrats, including Nancy Pelosi. She doubted whether 9/11 really happened, and continues to […]

It is past time for gubernatorial appointments to get confirmation hearings

Finally, some progress in doing the people’s business in Madison. Throughout the entirety of Governor Tony Evers’ first term, Republican legislative leaders refused to hold confirmation hearings for the governor’s appointments to lead state agencies or serve on state boards and commissions. Until then, holding confirmation hearings was a matter of routine, not a political […]

Change bail rules to give judges more discretion

We have heard it often. Our judges are soft on crime. That sentiment is behind an effort to change the Wisconsin Constitution to change how bail is issued for those placed under arrest. Under current law, judges in La Crosse and elsewhere can only issue bail as a way to ensure that a person returns […]

Wisconsin Legislature doesn’t want to know how we feel about abortion laws

It is clear the Wisconsin Legislature doesn’t want to talk about the abortion issue. And apparently they don’t want us to weigh in on the issue either. Governor Evers proposed putting a referendum on the April ballot asking voters what laws should be in place to regulate abortion in Wisconsin. Republican legislative leaders quickly shot […]

Flat tax wrong for Wisconsin

There are plenty of ideas for what to do with Wisconsin’s huge budget surplus. There was talk of sending rebate checks back to taxpayers but that was quickly rejected. Governor Evers has proposed using part of the surplus to better fund public schools, lower property taxes and provide middle-class families with a 10% tax cut. […]

Congress needs more ethics investigations

There have been plenty of ethics crises for members of the United States Congress. So it is ironic that one of the first orders of business for the new Congress is to make it harder for members of Congress to be investigated for possible bad behavior. As part of the rules package put forth by […]

How best to judge the judges?

Judging a judge can be difficult. Voters in Wisconsin will be heading to the polls again soon to vote for an open seat on the state’s Supreme Court. Four candidates, two Republicans and two Democrats, are running in the April election. This week, the candidates took part in a forum hosted by WisPolitics.com where they […]

Get ready for another nasty Supreme Court race

It wasn’t long ago that Supreme Court races in Wisconsin didn’t attract much attention. Boy, has that changed. As recently as 2003, outside groups spent just over $27,000 trying to influence the outcome of the election. There were few ads, and even fewer attack ads. Now the campaign ads for Supreme Court candidates are as […]

Will new Speaker build bridges, or lob grenades?

He may be a little bruised and battered, but Kevin McCarthy is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. It took 15 tries, but McCarthy was finally able to secure the votes he needed from his fellow Republicans. But his authority is significantly weaker than those who served before him.  It was a fight for […]

Zuck Bucks didn’t affect election outcome

The debate continues over the funding of our elections. Especially since some of the money funding the 2020 presidential election came in the form of “Zuck Bucks.” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donated millions of dollars heading into the election to help make voting safer. This was at the height of the pandemic. Their […]

Serial liar Santos still survives somehow

We learned early on that lying is wrong, and there is punishment for those who tell lies. Unless you are a politician. We are used to politicians telling lies, promising to make all kinds of improvements if they are elected. But we haven’t seen anything like the lies that have come out of the mouth […]

Another chance to work together

Here we go again? Let’s hope not. Governor Tony Evers was sworn in for his second term yesterday, while newly elected state legislators took their oath. After two years of political gridlock in Madison, the state once again has a Democratic Governor and a Republican Legislature. As a result, little has gotten done. They didn’t […]