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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Tax day wouldn’t be so bad if everyone paid their fair share

Did you get your taxes filed yet? Good, because yesterday was the deadline, unless you were granted an extension. April 15 is a day that many Americans hate when they have to satisfy their tax debt to the federal government. I don’t mind paying taxes. I just wish we could see the results of what […]

Keep nursing homes out of election conpiracies

Somehow, in recent years, nursing homes have become flashpoints for conspiracies claiming they are subject to voting fraud. In Wisconsin’s 2020 election, there were allegations that nursing homes saw 100% voter turnout. Investigations proved nothing. No charges were filed. But that didn’t stop some from saying more needs to be done to crack down on […]

No Labels fields no candidate

When we head to the polls in November, we’ll see the same two choices on the ballot as we saw four years ago. So much for another option. A centrist, bipartisan group has been working for years to present another option to voters. The group “No Labels” was hoping to field a candidate to offer […]

Washington makes progress on PFAS while Wisconsin goes back to square one

Some progress on PFAS. The federal government, for the first time, has set acceptable levels of the so-called forever chemicals in drinking water. That should help improve the health of people across the country. But in Wisconsin, help is not on the way for those who have contaminated water. The Legislature approved $125 million in […]

NIL, transfer portal, out of control

For decades, college athletes were not paid. Their compensation was in the form of a scholarship that provided them a free education. How things have changed. The adoption of Name, Image and Likeness rules gives college athletes the opportunity to earn big money. Likewise, the adoption of the transfer portal, allowing student athletes to enroll […]

Letting young teens work without parental permission not the key to solving Wisconsin’s labor shortage

Four years after the pandemic began, Wisconsin still has a labor problem. There simply aren’t enough workers to fill all the open positions. So Republicans in Madison came up with a plan they say would help fill the labor gap. They passed a bill that would have done away with work permit requirements for our […]

Our politicians aren’t much like us

Why can’t they be more like us? Wouldn’t that be better? Instead, the politicians we elect to office to represent us are nothing like you and me. At least when it comes to their backgrounds. The people we elect are not exactly working people. We knew that. But the statistics are alarming. About 50% of […]

Wisconsin no closer to addressing PFAS problem

Few issues have been as hotly contested in Wisconsin in recent years as PFAS chemicals and what to do about them. PFAS are known as forever chemicals because of their inability to break down, leading to numerous health problems. It has been an issue for three years on French Island, where people have not been […]

Breaking down the election results

There was little drama heading into Wisconsin’s elections on Tuesday, and even less drama when the ballots were counted.  Both President Biden and former President Donald Trump easily won their party’s nominations. But a little deeper dig into the numbers may provide some clues about what to expect in November. Biden easily carried Wisconsin, capturing […]

With election over, time for a break from politics

Enough about politics already. We just finished an election yesterday, and it is going to be a long road to November, so let’s take a break from talking politics today, and talk about some things I don’t understand. Like why all the pin pads at grocery store checkout lanes aren’t universal.  Can’t they all be […]

Plenty of reasons not to vote today, but doing so still worth your time

Today is election day in Wisconsin. As we discussed yesterday, it isn’t a crowded ballot, with the presidential nominations already decided. As a result turnout for today’s spring primary is expected to be, well, pathetic. Only about 20% of registered voters are expected to head to the polls today. There are many reasons people won’t […]

Don’t forget, there’s an important election tomorrow

Don’t look now, but tomorrow is election day in Wisconsin. This one may have snuck up on us, given there hasn’t been much buildup to the election. In fact, one article even referred to Wisconsin’s spring primary as “irrelevant.” That seems an overstatement. Yes, there isn’t much drama to the presidential contest, and there are […]

School safety tip line gets much needed boost

Wisconsin’s Governor and Legislature rarely agree on much. So it is good to see they were able to come together to help keep Wisconsin schools safe. Governor Evers has now signed legislation to keep the Office of School Safety going into next year. One key component of this office, housed in the Department of Justice, […]

Gallagher made MAGA mad and is now paying the price

Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher of Green Bay will be leaving his seat soon. He had already announced plans not to seek re-election to a fifth term. Now he has announced plans to step down before his current term ends, and that is angering some of his fellow […]

Impeachment hearings a waste of time and resources

It’s time to stop the charade. Ever since Joe Biden took office, Republicans in Washington have been trying to tie the President to some sort of corruption that reportedly involved Ukraine, and Biden’s son Hunter. They said they could prove that the Biden family is corrupt and that as a result, President Biden should be […]

The Wisconsin way may be better, but not best

The U.S. Congress was able to avoid yet another federal government shutdown late last week. Barely. Again. It seems that every few months Congress has to meet late into the night just to agree to fund the government. It is hardly efficient, or a long-term strategy. All these threats of shutting down are manufactured crises. […]

La Crosse gets alternate side parking policy right

It has been rare this winter that we have had to dig out our shovels. It has been even more rare that the city of La Crosse has had to send out its plow trucks. The plows were called into service only for one snowstorm back in January. The plows haven’t been needed during this […]

Fake electors should not oversee Wisconsin elections

It’s just common sense. Someone who tries to rig the outcome of an election should not be allowed to have any involvement in the administration of elections. Yet Robert Spindell remains a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the bipartisan group that oversees Wisconsin’s elections. Spindell was also one of Wisconsin’s fake electors, who tried […]