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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Let’s meet La Crosse’s mayoral candidates

What are the plans for those who hope to be La Crosse’s next mayor? We’re about to find out. 10 candidates are running to replace Tim Kabat in the La Crosse mayor’s office, and starting tonight, we are about to help you get to know them a bit better. WIZM is organizing two mayoral debates, […]

Wisconsin Legislature finally weighs in on pandemic by challenging mask mandate

What is it about wearing a mask that is so burdensome for so many? Of course, no one likes wearing a mask, and we would rather not, but if it helps reduce the spread of the coronavirus, then it seems a small sacrifice to make. But not for some in the Wisconsin Legislature. Our lawmakers, […]

Once again, Wisconsin Legislature fails to act

It may be a new year, but things remain much the same in Madison. Our state legislature has continued the trend of ignoring the Governor’s call for action. Governor Tony Evers called the legislature into a special session to take up unemployment reform. After the pandemic hit, Wisconsin’s unemployment claims became backlogged, and there has […]

Virus not “magically” going away, but some progress

Today is January 20th, a day many pointed to as they predicted the coronavirus would “go away.” Their theory is that the virus wasn’t really a threat, just made out to be one for political reasons. As Joe Biden takes the oath of office today, there is no magic putting an end to the virus. […]

Finally, a goal and a plan

Can it be done in 100 days? That is the goal for President-elect Joe Biden, who vows to administer 100 million doses of the vaccine in his first 100 days in office. That is an ambitious goal, much more expedient than what we have seen. States are accusing the current administration of sitting on doses […]

Those spreading disinformation about the election should not have power over elections

One of the hallmarks of our democracy is a peaceful transition of power following each election. Seeking to prevent a peaceful transition is harmful to our democracy, casting doubt on the integrity of our elections. Of course, President Donald Trump has spent months claiming the election was somehow unfair, and we saw what happened next, […]

One for the road

I’ll have the fish fry, and an old fashioned to go, please. That is not legal in Wisconsin, but that could change. Support is growing in Madison for allowing Wisconsin bars and restaurants to offer cocktails for the road. Of course, you couldn’t drink them until you got home as they would be packaged with […]

Condemning violence in Washington considered not relevant to Wisconsin Senate

It is clear we are well on our way down a slippery slope if we can’t agree, as Americans, that the violence at the U.S. Capitol was wrong and should be publicly denounced. Yet that is the case in the Wisconsin capitol, where this week the Wisconsin Senate failed to pass a resolution condemning the […]

Can we just get through the next eight days?

Can we make it through the next eight days? Tensions in the U.S. have reached a boiling point. We are a nation in crisis, as evidenced by the ugly scene at the U.S. Capitol. The countdown to a new resident is now being measured in hours, not weeks. But there is word that groups of […]

We waited nine months for this?

At least they finally did something. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something meaningful. The Wisconsin Assembly passed a series of bills to deal with the pandemic last week, the first piece of legislation of any kind they have passed since April. But it seems the mission of this legislation designed to respond to the coronavirus is to […]

Words matter, Mr. President

This is proof that words matter. What we saw at the U.S. Capitol should not be a surprise. Although it apparently was a surprise to Capitol police, who seemed powerless to stop the surge of rioters who breached the building, leading to death and destruction. What happened follows remarks by the President and others egging […]

Why can’t we determine election winner more quickly?

We knew we weren’t likely to get final results on election night. We didn’t know it would take this long, or get this ugly. Two months after the election, the results of the November vote were finally certified. But not without a fight. There was chaos at the Capitol yesterday when protesters stormed the building […]

It is dangerous to turn vote certification into a debate

They’ve already tried nearly every trick in the book, but its possible we haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg yet. Today, the United States Congress is set to certify the results of the November election. It is normally a formal and sleepy affair, with the reading of the vote counts from all 50 states. […]

New legislative session brings hope

It is back to work for our state representatives in Madison. Although their definition of work isn’t like ours. The previous legislature essentially took 2020 off, not meeting since April. Perhaps not much has changed in Madison. The Governor is still a democrat, and the legislature is still controlled by republicans. They have different views. […]

No rush for police reform in Wisconsin

So much for a sense of urgency. Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, the calls for police reform came quickly. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers responded, calling for a special legislative session to discuss police reform. He proposed a ban on police choke-holds and no-knock […]

We can be thankful, even in a trying year

It certainly was a trying year. Thankfully, 2020 is about to come to a close. And while it is tempting to spend these final moments of the year looking back at how much was upended in 2020, it seems a better idea to think of how thankful we are. Thankful for our health care workers, who […]

Time for common sense in alternate-side parking

Are more changes needed to La Crosse’s alternate-side parking law? The city forces people to move their cars each night to park on the odd or even side of the street each winter, presumably to make way for snow plows. Of course, most nights we have to move our cars, there is no chance of […]

Hard to sum up 2020 in a word

It is that time of year when we often look back at the year that was. And what a year it was. One we would not rather look back at. It is hard to sum up 2020 in a word, although Merriam-Webster and Oxford Languages and Dictionary.com always try. This year, the obvious choice is […]