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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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It is time to tone down the violence, and the rhetoric

There is no place for this type of violence in America. That is the summation by President Joe Biden of the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. Yet, this seemingly is how far politics has devolved in the U.S. We are a divided nation, with emotions running high, too often turning to violence. Now […]

Ignorance of the law is no excuse

It isn’t much punishment if you get caught doing something wrong but agree not to do it again. Wisconsin Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski has agreed to make changes to how her office responds to open records requests after a court settlement with a conservative group. The Institute for Reforming Government announced the settlement after […]

A close shave in Third District Congressional race

The race for Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District looks to be getting interesting. The Democratic primary features candidates Rebecca Cooke and Katrina Shankland, as well as Eric Wilson, each hoping to replace Republican incumbent Congressman Derrick Van Orden. Cooke debuted her first television ad yesterday that talks of her growing up on a sixth-generation family farm […]

All aboard!

If you build it, they will come. No, this isn’t Iowa, but Wisconsin, where a second passenger train that recently started rolling is drawing lots of interest. Back in May, Amtrak’s new train, The Borrealis, began service between St. Paul and Chicago. That is in addition to the Empire Builder, which travels the same Wisconsin […]

Ballot drop boxes safe, secure, and legal again

Finally, some common sense has been restored to rules regarding voting in Wisconsin. The state Supreme Court has reversed a prior ruling and declared that ballot drop boxes are a legal way to cast your ballot. In 2022, the Supreme Court ruled ballot drop boxes like the one that used to be located outside La […]

Are stopwatches and measuring tape really the answer to solving La Crosse’s homeless problem?

The best and brightest minds in La Crosse’s city hall were recently tasked with coming up with a solution to the city’s homeless problem. A group of department heads were told to come up with a plan to shelter the homeless, what it would cost, and what resources would be needed. What we have heard […]

Biden still best candidate to take on Trump

In the wake of his disastrous debate performance, calls are growing for President Joe Biden to step aside. That would be a mistake. Yes, Biden looked feeble and confused during his debate with Donald Trump. But Biden still represents the best candidate to defeat Trump in November. Polls after the debate showed Biden took a […]

Wisconsin lawmakers continue to just sit on state surplus

It should be a priority, but for Wisconsin lawmakers, it is just another in a long line of issues they are ignoring. The state of Wisconsin continues to sit on a huge budget surplus. But they are clearly in no hurry to return it to taxpayers. Wisconsin’s state budget surplus is more than $7 billion, […]

Supreme Court ruling provides little help in solving homeless crisis

Will a Supreme Court decision impact La Crosse’s efforts to deal with its homeless population? The nation’s highest court last week ruled that cities have the authority to clear out homeless encampments, even if those living there have nowhere else to go. La Crosse has a long list of places where the homeless are not […]

Surprise, Wisconsin still a dead heat

Tell us something we don’t know. The latest Marquette University Law School poll was released this week, and once again it shows the presidential race in Wisconsin to be a dead heat. The poll shows that among registered voters, President Biden and former President Trump each with support of 50% of respondents in a head-to-head […]

Who will win tonight’s debate? What does it matter?

Tonight, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will meet in the first debate of the 2024 presidential contest. Experts tell us this is an important moment, an unprecedented yet familiar meeting that could determine who the country hires for the next four years. Typically, these debates are won by the candidate that appears […]

Lawmakers show no urgency to fix Wisconsin’s troubled prison system

Where is the urgency? It has been nearly one month since the warden of Wisconsin’s Waupun prison and members of his staff were arrested and charged with misconduct in public office. The charges came after a 62-year-old inmate died of dehydration after being placed on water restriction. Another inmate died of an overdose, but wasn’t […]

La Crosse faces deadline for addressing homelessness

The city of La Crosse has issued itself quite a challenge, hoping to do in just three weeks what it hasn’t been able to do in more than three years. A city committee has directed City Hall department heads to come up with a plan to address the city’s homelessness problem within the next three […]

SUPCO needs ethics rules more than ever

There sure is a lot of job security being a justice on the Supreme Court. When you get the job, you get it for life, and even if you aren’t good at your job, you still get to keep it. We have seen plenty of examples. Justice Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito received lavish gifts […]

Is UW System ready for changes in higher education?

Higher education, it appears, is at a crossroads. Look no further than what is taking place in the University of Wisconsin System. We learned last week that the UW-Oshkosh satellite campus in Menasha will close next year. I didn’t know they even had a satellite campus in Menasha. This is part of what must be […]

Welcome to Wisconsin. Y’all come back now hear?

Welcome to Wisconsin. Millions of people saw those signs as they made their way into the Badger state to visit. 2023 was a record year for tourism in Wisconsin. Wisconsin welcomed 113 million visitors last year, generating a record $25 billion in tourism related spending. Those are some impressive numbers. Of course, Wisconsin has a […]

Milwaukee taxpayers should get another try on school referendum

It is hard to make an informed decision when you don’t have all the facts. The people of Milwaukee know that all too well. Voters in the Milwaukee school district recently approved a referendum to provide more money for education. It was a $252 million referendum which narrowly passed. But would it have passed if […]

Who is trying to turn US into banana republic?

In the wake of the events surrounding January 6 in Washington, Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson tried to downplay his role in trying to overturn the results of the election. Turns out he may have had more involvement than he cared to admit. President Donald Trump’s attorneys worked in Wisconsin and a handful of other […]