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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Let’s support our local restaurants

We are fortunate in the La Crosse area to have so many wonderful choices in restaurants. But things are tough for those in the restaurant business now. Already operating on thin profit margins, the restaurant industry has been among those hardest hit by the pandemic. Many analysts predict that a number of restaurants, especially chain […]

Another expensive parking study

Did we really get our money’s worth from this study? The city of La Crosse commissioned a study of parking by the company Rich and Associates. It cost taxpayers $100,000, just five years after a similar study was completed by the same company. The report is certainly voluminous. It weighs in at more than 300 […]

Congress wastes time as benefits dry up

As the song says, time’s a wastin’. Members of Congress however continue to waste time trying to forge a package of legislation to deal with the coronavirus and to prop up the economy. At the heart of the discussion is the $600 boost in federal unemployment benefits that has come to an end. How to […]

Lawmakers may be ready to try to overturn mask mandate

It appears the Wisconsin Legislature may finally be ready to take action to deal with the ongoing pandemic. Since the outbreak began, our legislators in Madison have met just once to deal with the fallout, basically approving spending federal money allocated to the state to respond to the virus. In the more than 100 days […]

La Crosse City Hall gets one right

For about as long as I can remember the city of La Crosse has tended to do things the same way, often because that is the way they had always done it. New ideas often needed a task force, or a consultant study, or were simply deemed too risky. Not exactly thinking outside the box. […]

Wisconsin Legislature still hasn’t taken that promised second step

There is plenty going on in the world today. A raging pandemic, a ravaged economy, racial injustice, police reform and more. But you wouldn’t know it based on the schedule of the Wisconsin Legislature. The Wisconsin Legislature has met just once since the pandemic began, a meeting in mid-April when lawmakers approved a coronavirus relief […]

Political fundraising doesn’t suffer during pandemic

It seems that just about everything has changed because of the pandemic. But one thing that remains the same is big donors giving big money to political candidates. In fact they are setting new records for campaign spending. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks campaign spending, says that in Wisconsin, political candidates and political committees […]

Mask mandates would clear up confusion

If you are out in public in Winona, you need to wear a mask. Same with Madison and Milwaukee. All of Minnesota now has a mask mandate. Neither the city or county of La Crosse are making it mandatory to wear masks while in public buildings, but doing so may help alleviate some confusion. Retail […]

La Crosse should clear the way for more outdoor dining

Bars and restaurants have been among the businesses hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Many were shutdown for a time, while some are just now reopening. In between, they tried takeout and curbside delivery to try to stay afloat. La Crosse should consider doing what other cities, like Madison and Milwaukee, have done to throw […]

Wisconsin school nurses in short supply, but more needed than ever

When you and I were young, we may have had to visit the school nurse because of a stomach ache, or an injury on the playground. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, the role of school nurse is more vital than ever. As schools prepare to reopen as coronavirus cases continue to rise, school […]

Time to find out what’s really going on with Foxconn

Perhaps now we will finally get some answers.  Foxconn says it has, for the first time, hired enough people to be eligible for state aid. The Taiwan-based company, recipient of the state’s largest ever corporate subsidy package, had initially promised to bring 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin. Now Foxconn says it has hired a total of […]

Reopen schools? There are no easy answers

There are no easy answers. Should schools reopen, and if so, how? Most school districts, including La Crosse, have put together some possible plans for a September reopen, but have yet to make a final decision. They are consulting with local health experts to get the latest information which could force a change in plans. […]

Federal response to protests not very American

What is happening in Portland, Oregon is not a good look. Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protesters have taken to the streets of Portland for more than 50 straight days. Not all the protests have been peaceful. But the federal government’s response has been even more shameful. Heavily armed men wearing camo, […]

The greatest country on earth got it wrong at nearly every turn

The United States is, we are told, the greatest country in the world. Then how did we get things so wrong? While other countries have been successful in preventing deaths and slowing transmission of the coronavirus, the U.S. leads the world in number of cases, and the number of deaths. How did it happen? It […]

Time running out to extend extra unemployment benefits

It has been for many their only lifeline. An extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits is set to expire at the end of this month. That threatens to harm the ability of millions of people to meet rent and pay their bills, potentially further damaging the economy. When Congress approved the extra unemployment benefits, […]

Coronavirus should bring end to Wisconsin’s digital divide

These days, trying to get by without a computer or another connection to the internet can be extremely difficult. You need access to the world wide web to do just about anything. Many are working from home. All those Zoom meetings. Many schools are providing instruction online. Even some doctor’s visits have gone virtual amid […]

Listen to the real experts

There are many conflicting opinions on how to defeat the coronavirus. Tactics vary by country, by state, even county and city. I tend to put my trust in science, rather than the politicians. And one of the leading scientists in the arena of pandemics is a man named Dr. Larry Brilliant. If that name sounds […]

It’s Not the Maps

Wisconsin Democrats and their liberal friends continue to advance the idea that Republican’s “Gerrymandered” political maps to gain control of the legislature. Even though the US Supreme Court ruled the maps are legal. The facts just don’t support this misleading storyline. Republicans surged to power in November of 2010 taking both houses of the legislature […]