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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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La Crosse rally needs to remain peaceful

Let’s show them how it’s done La Crosse. Another rally is planned tonight in La Crosse over the death of George Floyd and racial injustice overall. We have seen in too many cities what started out as peaceful protests devolve into violence and vandalism. Cities much farther from Minneapolis than La Crosse have seen their […]

Wisconsin still lacks pandemic response plan

What is the proper way to respond to a pandemic? There are no shortage of opinions about that. Shut everything down, or go about business as usual? Wear a mask in public or not wear a mask. Even the experts are divided. Wisconsin had a plan for dealing with the pandemic. It was called the […]

Why aren’t we more consistent at how we respond to protests?

Protests are nothing new in the United States. But it seems clear we still aren’t very good at determining how to deal with them. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests began. They quickly turned violent, and police in Minneapolis tried a variety of tactics to deal with them. Initially, police backed off […]

Partisan politics threatens to foil plans to send absentee ballot applications

Voting from home is about to get easier in Wisconsin. Maybe. The Wisconsin Elections Commission has approved a plan to send absentee ballot applications to Wisconsin’s registered voters before the November election. The commission plans to send absentee applications to 2.7 million registered voters in the state. Wisely, they are not mailing applications to those […]

No surprise Wisconsin having problems processing unemployment claims

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce development was overwhelmed with calls and applications for unemployment when so many lost their jobs amid the pandemic. Many people, more than two months later, still haven’t received any benefits to which they are entitled. Others can’t even get through to speak to someone about filing […]

Help for homeless needed amid pandemic

It is an obvious sign of the effects of the pandemic. The homeless, crowding into shelters and city parks. With the pandemic savaging the economy and destroying jobs, the ranks of the homeless are rising in Wisconsin. It is evident in La Crosse, where a growing number of people are spending their days and nights […]

Even cloud of pandemic has a silver lining

Living amid the pandemic has been like living under a dark cloud. It seems ominous and threatening. But apparently it is true that every dark cloud has a silver lining. A survey in Britain takes a look at how people are spending their time during the coronavirus lockdown, and people are doing some pretty impressive […]

Even masks have become political

Some time ago, wearing a mask in public likely meant you were getting ready to rob a train, or a stagecoach. Suddenly, wearing a mask has become a political statement. That is not to say everyone who is wearing one is making a statement, but that is how it is perceived. The mask has come […]

Government fails the coronavirus test

Clearly, we can’t count on our politicians to keep us safe during a pandemic. President Donald Trump made clear early on that the federal government would not be taking the lead on America’s response to the coronavirus. Instead, he chose to leave that up to each Governor to decide how best to respond in their […]

Now is the time for election reform

One thing every American should be able to agree on is that in our democracy all people are provided an equal opportunity to cast a ballot. It is one of the foundations of our country. But clearly that didn’t happen in the last election. Our elected officials bickered over how to provide a safe election […]

Despite what they told us, the switch has been flipped

They said all along that reopening our economy would be more like turning up the dimmer than flipping a switch. So much for that. The Supreme Court ruling last week that the extension of Wisconsin’s safer-at-home order was unlawful left the state with no rules to keep us safe from the coronavirus. And with that […]

Is it too soon for more help?

When people are hurting there is a tendency to want to help. We have seen that amid the outbreak of the coronavirus. The federal government has passed four pieces of legislation that provide financial help to individuals and businesses. Now some say it is time for a fifth. Democrats in the House of Representatives plan […]

Shared services may be answer to budget woes

La Crosse certainly isn’t alone, but it is in a tough spot. Like many cities, La Crosse is seeing an increase in expenses and a decrease in revenue, due in large part to the coronavirus outbreak. The city of La Crosse is projecting a shortfall of nearly $6 million this year. So how will the […]

Wisconsin’s unemployment system wasn’t ready for this

While no one could have predicted the onset of the coronavirus and the economic devastation it has caused, it has become clear that Wisconsin was woefully unprepared to deal with the huge loss of jobs. The State Department of Workforce Development has not been able to keep up with the sudden demand for unemployment benefits. […]

Now the time to determine which businesses are really essential

Some say it is unfair, or at least inconsistent. We can’t go to a restaurant, but we can go to a big box store. We can still wander around those big box stores, but in some stores and businesses we can only go in one or two at a time. We can’t go to a […]

UW schools need to sharpen their focus

What will things look like when this is all over? Probably not a lot like they used to. Businesses will adapt to meet the changing marketplace in order to remain viable. And this would be a good opportunity for our public universities to do the same. University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross has wisely […]

La Crosse should start making plans, since state lawmakers won’t

Will Wisconsin reopen for business before May 26? That is the date when Wisconsin’s safer-at-home order is currently set to expire. But the Wisconsin Supreme Court could speed up the process.  The state’s highest court heard arguments this week that the Governor Tony Evers administration did not have the authority to make that declaration independently. […]

Coronavirus experts should be able to talk to anyone

In times of crisis, the truth is more important than ever. Knowing the truth helps us take the necessary steps to keep ourselves and our families safe. With the latest and most accurate information, we can make more informed decisions. When it comes to battling the coronavirus, no one in the U.S. is more trusted […]