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Home booze delivery? Soon there may be an app for that too

People’s shopping habits have sure changed. No longer content to go to the store to pick out clothes, or televisions, or even groceries, more and more people are choosing to do their shopping in the comfort of their own homes. Or, more and more, from wherever they are on their phones. The latest product to […]

More Wisconsin laws being written out of state

If someone writes a book, it is easy to identify who the author is. It is written right there on the book’s cover. If a police officer writes you a ticket, his or her name is right there too. But when it comes to making laws in Wisconsin, the public is being kept in the […]

Any windfall from opioid lawsuit should address opioid crisis

The costs of the ongoing opioid crisis are staggering. It is estimated the cost of the opioid crisis in the U.S. totals more than $1 trillion since 2001. Now, many governments are filing lawsuits against big pharma, accusing the drug companies of deceptive marketing practices. Wisconsin is among the latest of 45 states to file […]

Tariffs making times tougher for Wisconsin farmers

Farming is a tough business. But perhaps never more so than right now. Just take a look at soybean farmers. Soybeans are big business in Wisconsin. Or they used to be. But soybean prices have dropped to the lowest level in more than a decade, and soybean farmers have now lost their biggest customer, China. […]

An end to tax breaks for companies that close or move out of state

Some things should just be obvious. But they rarely are when it comes to politics. Things make sense to our elected officials, but not always to us. For example, in Wisconsin current state law rewards companies when they eliminate jobs or move them out of state. That’s right. That’s what the law says. As a […]

Lawmakers can’t agree what to do with newfound fortune

Even when the news is good, our politicians can’t celebrate together. The state of Wisconsin got some good news this week when it was learned that tax collections are higher than projected. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has told lawmakers that general fund tax collections will be $753 million more than projected over the next three […]

Bipartisan bill seeks to stop lunch shaming

For many students, school is not just a place to learn, but also a place to be fed. In the La Crosse school district, as many as 50% of students are eligible for a free or reduced lunch. But still some students are falling through the cracks. And in some Wisconsin schools, when students don’t […]

Why not pick more than one candidate in our elections?

In business, when there is a large amount of customer dissatisfaction, businesses either change their business practices, or go out of business. Can the same be true for politics? A Wisconsin based group thinks so. The group Wisconsin Fund is looking to shake up the way we go about elected our politicians. Right now Wisconsin […]

Should ballot selfies really be illegal?

These days it seems people are taking selfies everywhere. Sometimes with unfortunate consequences. We have heard stories of people falling from cliffs while trying to snap that perfect pic. One place you cannot currently take a selfie is in a Wisconsin voting booth. State law prohibits that. Wisconsin is one of 18 states that outlaw […]

Another embarrassing audit for WEDC

This sure sounds familiar. Wisconsin’s job creation agency continues to have problems doing its job. A required audit of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation once again shows Wisconsin taxpayers are hardly getting their money’s worth. This has become a disappointing pattern. In the latest audit, it was discovered that the development corporation once again can’t […]

If we’re going to have a State Treasurer, we ought to give her something to do

If the state of Wisconsin is going to employ someone, they ought to make sure they have something to do. But that isn’t the case with Wisconsin’s State Treasurer. State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski works in a small office in the Capitol. Her office is in the basement, with no windows. She has no wi-fi, uses […]

Wisconsin stands pat as other states legalize sports betting

There is a lot of money to be made, if Wisconsin would just legalize it. No, we’re not talking about marijuana, but sports betting. The Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports gambling, ending Nevada’s monopoly. Some states quickly rushed in to pass laws legalizing gambling in their state. New Jersey did, […]

Is a ban on bags necessary, or even a good idea?

Is it time to start bringing our own bags with us when we shop? It has become a trend across the country for people to bring their own reusable bags with them when they shop for groceries or other items. It is generally more friendly for the environment, and some people are happy to do […]

Time for Wisconsin’s Assembly Speaker to come clean

It is time to speak up, Mr. Speaker.  Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is being ordered to testify in the long-running legal battle over how Wisconsin’s legislative maps are drawn. A three-judge panel ruled that Vos, who spent weeks fighting the effort to have him testify about how the maps were drawn to help Republicans […]

How to pay for the La Crosse Center expansion should have been the first question answered

It would be nice to have a new car. The hard part is always how to pay for it. Most people thinking of making such a big investment may save some of their hard-earned money, or they may go to a bank to get a loan. But you have to have some sort of plan. […]

Policy items don’t belong in state budget

It is almost as if they can’t help themselves. Wisconsin governors have a long history of using their budget proposal for things other than outlining the state’s spending plans. A state budget proposal is designed to be a spending document, not a policy document. But like his predecessors, Governor Tony Evers has inserted lots of […]

Wisconsin shouldn’t fill potholes with lottery windfall

One Wisconsin lawmaker has a unique idea for fixing our roads. Dump lottery proceeds into the potholes. Senator Tim Carpenter plans to introduce a bill to use Wisconsin’s cut of a recent lottery jackpot to pay for road work. A man from West Allis won a $768 million Powerball jackpot. That win is a jackpot […]

Wisconsin can’t afford Stewardship Program any more

It sounds like a good idea, on paper. But a state program in Wisconsin has grown beyond its intended purpose, and is costing taxpayers dearly. Lawmakers approved the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program in 1989. It was designed to preserve valuable natural areas and wildlife habitat, protect water quality and fisheries, and expand opportunities for outdoor recreation. […]