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Wisconsin lawmakers consider finally getting tough on drunk drivers

This could be the year Wisconsin finally gets tough on drunk drivers. Some lawmakers in Madison have been working for years to strengthen the state’s drunk driving laws, and some proposals in recent years have passed the assembly but stalled in the senate. The sentiment toward toughening the laws now seems to be growing, with […]

Wisconsin needs to tell drivers to put down their phones

It poses a danger to all who share our roads. Drivers distracted by their cell phones. We’ve all seen them, staring down at the small screen pressed against the steering wheel as they fly down the road. They are easy to spot, because they’re not paying attention to the roads, so they are often drifting […]

Time for vote on school vouchers in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s school voucher program has continued to swell in recent years. About 38,000 students in Wisconsin use vouchers to attend private schools at taxpayer expense. But that program may not continue to grow under the budget Governor Tony Evers has proposed. Evers has proposed capping how many students in the state can use public money […]

President Trump calls for an investigation of SNL

It is one of the things that make this country great. We are a nation of free thinkers, able to seek out those things that bring us pleasure, or make us laugh. For some, that means tuning in to Saturday Night Live. But not for President Trump. Like the rest of us, Trump could find […]

How to handle our rotting roads

ow. This has gotten bad. Mother Nature has had her way, and left a mess behind. Our roads, or what’s left of them have become chewed up, now filled with what the mayor calls “pot canyons.” It truly is getting difficult to navigate our streets, and its getting dangerous.  Either drive into the pothole and […]

Let the sun shine in this Sunshine Week

Let the sun shine in! This is national Sunshine Week, a time set aside each year to promote transparency in all level of government. It is an important reminder that from city hall to Congress, government works best when it does not keep secrets. That our elected officials conduct the people’s business with accountability and […]

Voter fraud exists, but hardly rampant

We hear a lot about voter fraud. But claims that election outcomes are determined by the votes of dead people, illegal immigrants or convicted felons are largely overblown. That is the case in Wisconsin, where the state Elections Commission says it did find evidence of voter fraud in our 2018 elections. A whopping 24 cases, […]

Wisconsin spending money on roads no one is driving on yet

Will this be another road to nowhere? Lots of road work is happening in Wisconsin, much of it in Southeast Wisconsin, where Foxconn says it plans to build a big plant. The roadwork is in preparation for the opening of the Foxconn plant in Mount Pleasant. But it is not clear that plant will ever […]

Automatic voter registration a good idea

It is no surprise that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has worked quickly to undo many ideas put forward by his predecessor Scott Walker. After all, he campaigned on the idea of restoring our democracy. And he has offered ideas to do just that. Contained in Evers’ budget is a plan to end the practice of […]

Wisconsin Supreme court races only technically non-partisan

Technically, and officially, the race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is considered non-partisan. Candidates don’t have to declare themselves as democrats or republicans. There is no “D” or “R” by their name on the ballot. But the fact is that voters are almost always left with two choices, a republican candidate and […]

Wisconsin still out of the loop on Foxconn plans

In business, plans sometimes change. Perhaps based on market conditions, or new opportunities. But with $4 billion on the line, those willing to hand out that money should sure be kept in the loop. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening with Wisconsin’s efforts to lure Foxconn to the state. The Taiwanese manufacturer of flat screens boasted of […]

Wisconsin’s new governor finds open records law applies to him too

Wisconsin’s open records law applies to every level of government. The law allows private citizens and media outlets to request any form of communication involving public officials. That is a lesson that Wisconsin’s new governor is apparently a little slow to learn. Tony Evers refused to release a copy of a handwritten note he received […]

Why not do away with all minimum markup laws?

As outlined yesterday, we support Governor Tony Evers plan to raise money to pay for road repairs. The Governor wants to raise the gas tax by 8 cents a gallon, while repealing the state’s minimum markup law for gasoline. That could actually lower prices at the pump, while raising much needed money for much needed […]

Finally, a plan to pay for Wisconsin roads

Maybe they’ve finally figured it out. And maybe it wasn’t really that hard after all. Lawmakers in Madison have spent the past eight years struggling to come up with a sustainable, long-term solution to fund road work in the state. They have largely resorted to putting off projects and borrowing to pay for them. Meanwhile, […]

La Crosse should know how to pay for Center expansion before voting to approve it

Shouldn’t this have come up earlier? La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat is considering a significant hike in the city’s room tax to help pay for an expansion of the La Crosse Center. The mayor’s plan to come up with new revenue sources to help pay for what could be a $40 million expansion project isn’t […]

Fair elections require fair maps

We have long proposed adopting the Iowa model when it comes to drawing legislative boundaries in Wisconsin. Finally, a Wisconsin governor agrees that is a more fair system. Wisconsin law says whatever political party controls the legislature at the time of the census gets to redraw the boundaries every ten years. That has led to […]

Parking rules don’t cover all scenarios

It seems there is no one sized fits all plan when dealing with parking in La Crosse. The city has tried a variety of ways to keep our streets free of cars so the snowplows can get through. Many people complain about alternate side parking rules being in effect with no snow on the ground […]

Wisconsin should get with the times and legalize medical marijuana

Is Wisconsin ready to go all-in on marijuana? In his budget proposal to be unveiled this week, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers will call for legalizing medical marijuana, and decriminalizing possession of pot. It is not clear what reception the Governor’s plans will get in the Republican controlled Legislature, but Wisconsin has fallen behind when it […]