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Can’t win the game? Change the rules

It is yet another example of if you can’t win the game, then change the rules. The latest example comes out of Madison, where Governor Scott Walker is hoping to provide corporate welfare to a company to keep them from closing. Kimberly Clark announced earlier this year that it would close its plant in Fox […]

Take some ink out of Governor’s powerful veto pen

Despite efforts to reduce the power of Wisconsin’s next Governor, Tony Evers will still have some of the strongest powers of any Governor in the nation. That is the claim of current Governor Scott Walker, who seems to be willing to sign into law the package of legislation lawmakers approved to limit Evers’ power when […]

A standoff over a wall

Well, that was ugly. We got to see the most powerful people in our country explode into a shouting match. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with President Trump in what was supposed to be a simple photo op to discuss averting a federal government shutdown. The federal government has only until next week to […]

The energy crisis was hitting the region, 45 years ago

Rising fuel prices and many shortages led to some changing habits around America late in 1973.  A fuel cutback was blamed for the cancellation of two regular weekend flights between La Crosse and Chicago by North Central Airlines.  The national average price for a gallon of gas went from 39 cents a gallon in ’73 to […]

A student activist group wasn’t welcome on a local campus, 52 years ago

In December of 1966, La Crosse State president Sam Gates decided not to give a charter to the SDS…Students for a Democratic Society.  The FBI was suspicious of the group, with J. Edgar Hoover saying it was part of the ‘new left.’  The American Legion and a local group of World War One veterans announced […]

One decade wasn’t enough for Mayor Pat, 34 years ago

Around Christmastime of 1984, La Crosse Mayor Pat Zielke launched another re-election campaign, finishing up 10 years in the 6th floor office at City Hall.  Zielke said he was hoping to get a new hotel built downtown, in place of the vacant Sawyer Auditorium on Vine Street. Municipal Judge John Perlich was interested in moving […]