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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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La Crosse rally needs to remain peaceful

Let’s show them how it’s done La Crosse. Another rally is planned tonight in La Crosse over the death of George Floyd and racial injustice overall. We have seen in too many cities what started out as peaceful protests devolve into violence and vandalism. Cities much farther from Minneapolis than La Crosse have seen their […]

Wisconsin still lacks pandemic response plan

What is the proper way to respond to a pandemic? There are no shortage of opinions about that. Shut everything down, or go about business as usual? Wear a mask in public or not wear a mask. Even the experts are divided. Wisconsin had a plan for dealing with the pandemic. It was called the […]

Why aren’t we more consistent at how we respond to protests?

Protests are nothing new in the United States. But it seems clear we still aren’t very good at determining how to deal with them. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests began. They quickly turned violent, and police in Minneapolis tried a variety of tactics to deal with them. Initially, police backed off […]

Sgt. Pepper was a lot more than 20 years ago today

On June 1st of 1967, the Beatles released their ground-breaking album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  Besides the title track, the “Sgt. Pepper” album also featured “A Day in the Life,” “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” and “When I’m Sixty-Four.”  A few famous people who would have turned 64 in June of 1967 […]

Snow in time for Memorial Day, 73 years ago

School was ending and summer was beginning in the last week of May, 1947 around the Midwest, when an extremely late-season snowstorm developed in the Rockies and made its way as far east as Michigan.  Some of the heaviest snow fell on May 29th in western Wisconsin.  Only about 3 inches in La Crosse, but […]

Future stars got a chance to shine on summer nights, 50 years ago

The year 1970 is remembered for anti-war protests, environmental awareness, and the breakup of the Beatles.  For people watching TV that summer, there was a wide variety of what they used to call ‘variety shows,’ new programs filling time instead of reruns.  Many talented performers got big breaks appearing on those shows.   The Smothers Brothers […]