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Finally some progress on toughening Wisconsin’s OWI laws

They have hardly reached the finish line, but at least they have left the starting gate. A handful of Wisconsin lawmakers have spent the past ten years pushing for tougher drunk driving laws in the state. Each time, Rep. Jim Ott has come up empty-handed. But finally, two bills cracking down on those who get […]

Private attorneys for our lawmakers costing taxpayers plenty

The costs are adding up quickly for Wisconsin taxpayers. As part of the Wisconsin legislature’s lame-duck session, Wisconsin lawmakers granted themselves the permission to hire outside legal counsel in any potential court case. Typically, the state Attorney General, the state’s chief lawyer, represents the state in lawsuits. But apparently Republicans who control the Legislature don’t […]

Wisconsin Lt. Governor needs to lead by example

When it comes to our tax obligations, we are all expected to pitch in. Even if you are the Lt. Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes finds himself in some hot water over reports of unpaid property taxes. Barnes owes more than $2200 in delinquent property taxes to the city […]

A month-long birthday party for one area county, 50 years ago

In June of 1969, Crawford County marked its sesqui-centennial…150 years since it had been founded. In 1819, Crawford took up about one-third of the Wisconsin territory. Parades were held during June in almost all of the communities in the county, except De Soto and Eastman. The finale came June 29th in Prairie du Chien, with […]

Close to finishing the new bridge, 53 years ago

In 1966, the center span of the new I-90 bridge at Dresbach was installed. Planners expected the bridge to carry traffic by the fall of ’67. At the time, the Cass Street bridge was the only bridge to take cars between La Crosse County and southern Minnesota. Oktoberfest was in its 6th year, and had […]

‘Alice in Dairyland’ is crowned along the Mississippi, 66 years ago

In June of 1953, La Crosse hosted the yearly Alice in Dairyland festival, which was started in the 1940’s to help promote the state’s dairy industry. The major events of the celebration included a parade from the riverfront to Burns Park, in which the 16 ‘Alice’ candidates rode in open convertibles…and the actual selection ceremony, […]