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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Things still don’t line up on 2nd Street

Just in time for the Oktoberfest parade, crews are putting the finishing touches on the redesign of Second Street in La Crosse. They have spent the past month reconfiguring the layout of the street that runs past our radio building. That includes some bump-outs at Second and State, and the addition of new bike lanes. […]

Menendez should listen to critics and step down

In America, a person is presumed innocent, unless found guilty in a court of law. That is true of the poor and the very wealthy, and it is true of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Menendez has been accused of abusing his power, allegedly accepting lavish gifts in return for favors by a powerful committee […]

Sore losers should be able to run for office too

This seems a solution in search of a problem. Some lawmakers in Madison want to change the rules regarding our elections. A handful of representatives want to bar any candidate who loses in a partisan primary election from then running a write-in campaign. It is called a “sore-loser” law. Under current law, a candidate, even […]

A near record spring snowstorm, and a deadly crash, 50 years ago

In April of 1973, the immediate La Crosse area received 16 inches of snow in just 36 hours. It was the third biggest snowstorm on record in the city, behind snowfalls in 1959, and 1971. In Prairie du Chien, three cars collided on snow-covered Highway 18, near the Old Rock School. Six people from the […]

Men on the moon, money in the bank machine, 54 years ago

“Everybody gets to go to the moon” was part of the lyric of a popular song in 1969, but only three men actually got to take the trip. The first manned landing on the lunar surface happened on July 20th, 1969, a Sunday. Neil Armstrong took those first steps on the lunar surface during the […]

The U.S. suddenly had a new leader on Nov. 22, in 1963

Nov. 22 in 1963 marked the last time that Americans woke up with a president who would not be alive by the end of the day.  President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie had gone to Texas on a political trip when the president and Texas Gov. John Connally were shot while riding in […]