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With Governor planning to spend more on roads, is county wheel tax necessary?

As the election nears, Scott Walker has suddenly become the road governor. He has already labeled himself the education governor, but after ignoring our crumbling roads, may be given the label of road governor as well. That’s because he has apparently had an epiphany that our roads really do need repair. When Walker spoke a […]

Getting dirty money out of politics

It is one of the top issues on the minds of voters, but something that political candidates rarely like to talk about. That is campaign finance reform, and keeping dark money out of our political races. Dark money is all the cash flowing into political campaigns from outside special interest groups which are allowed to […]

On the campaign trail, one man’s plan is another man’s gimmick

What is the difference between a campaign promise and a political gimmick? As is often the case when an election nears, political candidates bust out some last minute ideas not previously offered on the campaign trail. We’re seeing that now in the Wisconsin governor’s race, which the polls suggest is a very tight race. Democratic […]

October was a scary time, 54 years ago

In the middle of October that year, Nikita Khrushchev lost his job as first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party…less than a year after the assassination of America’s president, John Kennedy. Khrushchev was replaced by Leonid Brezhnev, who would continue as one of the top Soviet leaders for almost 20 years. The Russians put three […]

Sit-in at a library, 32 years ago

A couple hundred students at UW-La Crosse staged a protest on a Saturday afternoon in late 1986 in the Murphy Library. They wouldn’t leave at closing time, protesting changes in the library’s hourse which they said were unfair to students. The university said reduced hours were needed to save money for computerizing the library, which […]

Pondering the future of the Sawyer Auditorium, 36 years ago

In 1982, the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium had gone mostly unused for two years, after the opening of the La Crosse Center. Mayor Pat Zielke had some ideas for putting it to good use. Developers Paul and James Hemker suggested putting a hotel, an ice arena, an athletic club, and an office tower on the […]