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As I See It is Wisconsin’s only daily radio editorial, a staple on WIZM since 1971. Hosted by WIZM’s Scott Robert Shaw, the feature has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association as the best editorial in Wisconsin. Feel free to share your comments. Tell us how you see it!

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Meter keeps running on sham election investigation

It was one of the biggest boondoggles in Wisconsin history, and it keeps getting bigger. Taxpayers spent more than a million dollars investigating what didn’t exist; fraud in the last presidential election. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hired former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to investigate alleged fraud in the 2020 contest. Over 14 months, the […]

Congress should stay until it’s work is done

Finally, some common sense in Washington. Legislation has been introduced in Congress which would avoid the threat of government shutdowns. There have been a handful of federal government shutdowns in recent years because of Congress’ inability to pass a comprehensive federal budget. Instead, Congress tends to rely on stop-gap spending measures and continuing resolutions to […]

Clean drinking water should not be a partisan issue

It seems just about everything is a partisan issue these days, even clean drinking water. You would think the right to water that doesn’t make us sick would be something everyone can support. But not in Madison, where a fight is brewing over plans to spend state money to improve the health of our drinking […]

The U.S. suddenly had a new leader on Nov. 22, in 1963

Nov. 22 in 1963 marked the last time that Americans woke up with a president who would not be alive by the end of the day.  President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie had gone to Texas on a political trip when the president and Texas Gov. John Connally were shot while riding in […]

Time for a new courthouse, 60 years ago

In the summer of 1962, the La Crosse County Board okayed plans for a brand new courthouse and jail, to be built a couple of blocks up the street from the existing courthouse built 60 years earlier.  The expected cost, just over 2 million dollars.  Even at that price, the county was looking for ways […]

No 29th this February, but Leap Day has had memorable music

It may be an Olympic year, but it’s not a leap year.  February 29th in history has been memorable on occasion.  On that day in 1940, “Gone With the Wind” won the Oscar for best picture…and a big band hit was number 1 on the charts:     On February 29th, 1940, ”In the Mood” […]