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Hospital pricing shouldn’t be a guessing game

When you eat at a restaurant, typically you can see the price of each meal on the menu. If you buy a new couch, the price tag is prominently displayed on the showroom floor. When you go to buy a car, you see a price on the sticker, although there may be some room for […]

Pilot program gives La Crosse judges a guide

There is no science involved in determining when someone arrested for a crime should be allowed to post bond with a promise to return to court for their hearing.  That has become quite clear in La Crosse, where judges have been criticized by police for letting someone go free after their arrest, only to see […]

National emergency declarations should be for real emergencies

It is good that the President has the ability to declare a national emergency. Such a move was likely necessary after the United States was attacked on September 11. Declaring a national emergency allowed President Bush to free up federal funding to respond to a true emergency that was not planned for.  But such a […]

Wisconsin was #2 on the primary list, 51 years ago

Only 14 states had presidential primaries in 1968.  New Hampshire was first as usual, in March, favoring President Lyndon Johnson and former Vice President Richard Nixon.  Wisconsin’s primary was next, on April 2nd.  State Democrats chose Minnesota’s Eugene McCarthy over Johnson, who had announced two days earlier that he would not seek re-election.  Republicans favored […]

Bands, queens, clowns in St. Paul, according to a newspaper headline 50 years ago

A 1969 story in the Tribune was about the St. Paul Winter Carnival that year. Two hundred persons from La Crosse took a train to the Twin Cities, to be in a big February parade. Oktoberfest royalty rode on the fest float. Also heading the local delegation was one fellow described as a ‘fest director’…named […]

Football fans in western Wisconsin wanted to see Ditka, 22 years ago

The Packers may have been the reigning Super Bowl champs in the summer of 1997, but there was excitement in La Crosse about the New Orleans Saints hiring long-time Bears coach Mike Ditka.  People were curious to find out when Ditka would get to La Crosse for the Saints’ 10th training camp at UW-L.  Hotel […]