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Foxconn deal should reflect reality

Sometimes, when things aren’t perfectly clear, you need to trust what you see with your own eyes. Which is not the same as seeing what you want to see. Our elected officials in Madison are taking markedly different views of Wisconsin’s deal with the Foxconn Technology Group and its plans to build a big plant […]

Our apologies: Turns out democrats also applauded military members

One week ago, we used this airtime to condemn democrats in the Wisconsin Legislature. It turns out we were wrong. At issue was the honoring of members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, who were brought before the state Legislature to be honored for their service helping secure the nation’s southern border. They were ordered […]

Wisconsin lawmakers to consider legalizing marijuana

Will today be the day Wisconsin begins to go up in smoke? One Wisconsin state lawmaker will announce today plans to introduce legislation to fully legalize marijuana in the state. Rep. Melissa Sargent, a Madison democrat, wants to follow the lead of Colorado and other states and legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Support for […]

Trying to buy a car on Sunday? A ban was in the works 60 years ago

In April of 1959, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill to close auto dealerships on Sundays. In the 50’s, it was rare for many retail businesses in the state to have Sunday hours. The Assembly also decided to make ‘On, Wisconsin’ the official state song. Wisconsin had a new governor, in office just a few […]

Did students still want to see plays? The question, 56 years ago

In April of 1963, the La Crosse State campus newspaper, the Racquet, reported on a rumor that the speech department was only planning to stage two plays a year, instead of the usual three. The paper asked ‘Do most students on this campus want to see plays?’ Within a few years, the college expanded its […]

A shooting uncovers a strange criminal case on French Island, 14 years ago

The situation started on a Friday afternoon in April of 2005.  A young kid on French Island told his parents that a neighborhood man had hit him and grabbed his bicycle, for riding too close to the man’s house.  The parents went to talk to the neighbor, who ended up shooting the dad in the […]