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Yesterday in La Crosse

4-Hers was the place to be, 53 years ago

Brad Williams



In 1967, Ettrick 4-H member Pauline Solberg was pictured in the paper with TV’s most popular fictional farmer, Oliver Wendell Douglas.  “Green Acres” star Eddie Albert met Pauline and other young people at the 4-H Club congress in Chicago.  Pauline was honored at that meeting for winning the Wisconsin Food Nutrition Contest, sponsored by General Foods, which also sponsored “Green Acres.”   

Besides “Green Acres,” viewers of Channel 8 in La Crosse could see “Lost in Space,” “The Ed Sullivan Show,” and the new “Jonathan Winters Show.”  The first night of the Winters show featured Red Skelton, Barbara Eden, and the Doors. CBS also presented a documentary called “What About Ronald Reagan?”, a profile of the future president one year after he became governor of California. 

If you needed to buy new ice skates or exchange your old ones, Smith’s Bicycle Shop on South 8th St. near Viterbo advertised itself as “skate exchange headquarters” in 1967, yesterday in La Crosse.