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La Crosse Police reiterate locking doors, taking keys, after 11 car thefts, 22 “entries” recently



The city of La Crosse, over a 10-day period earlier this month, saw 22 vehicle entries — mostly in the downtown area.

The police department Friday, is reminding vehicle owners to take some simple steps in trying to prevent these intendents from happening.

Police showed a map (below) of 11 thefts — 10 vehicle, one motorcycle — between March 4-April 23. Police said they made eight recoveries.

This comes after a post from police that there were 22 vehicle entries mostly to unlocked cars and during overnight hours between April 5-15.

So, they are suggesting owners take their keys when leaving the vehicle, locking the doors, putting up the windows and parking in well-lit areas.

No word on if police have any suspects.

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