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Queso Crunch Burger



Cajun ghost pepper dusted smash burgers with double American cheese and soft egg on butter toasted buns. Topped with Thai chili infused queso and crushed cheddar Doritos.


  • 1/2 lb Beef 80/20 Ground Preferred.
  • 1 ea Egg
  • 1/2 cup Queso See notes.
  • 1/4 cup Crushed Chips I used Loaded Cheddar Doritos.
  • 2 ea Cheese Slices I used American.
  • 1 ea Cajun Seasoning See notes.
  • 1 ea Bun
  • 1 tbs Butter More or less as needed for the bun


  1. I want to start by apologizing for the lack of photos. See my notes for the story.
  2. Roll your meat into 1/4 lb balls. Set your griddle for medium heat.
  3. Butter your buns. Toast them on the griddle.
  4. Smash each burger patty down. Sprinkle generously with the seasoning.
  5. Finish cooking your patties as your would any smash burger (see notes for a link to the steps).
  6. Cook your egg.
  7. Pile the two patties on top of the bottom bun. Top with the egg.
  8. Place the top bun on the burger. I like to stick a knife in the top to hold things together (and you’ll need a knife to eat this thing).
  9. Pour on the queso. Sprinkle on the chips. Get 911 ready on speed dial. Enjoy!


  • When trying something new that I’m doubtful will turn out great at the first attempt, I usually just cook and forgo the photos.  In rare instances (such as this one), the end result is too great to not share.  So instead of getting step by step instructions for everything, I’ve only got a few to share.  So “I’m sorry” to those of you that are image learners and “You are welcome” to those of you that are text learners.
  • See my recipe for Smashed Bacon Cheeseburger regarding the steps and tips for making a smash burger.
  • This recipe makes a single double cheeseburger.  Adjust as necessary.
  • For the Cajun seasoning, see my recipe for Cajun Rub.
  • For the Queso, see my recipe for Smoked Queso.  Modify as follows:
    • American cheese only (1/2 lb)
    • Thai Chilis (to your liking)
    • Onions (1/2 onion chopped)
    • Garlic (4 cloves minced)
    • Paprika (To taste)
    • Salt (To taste)
    • Cook over stove instead of smoker.  Thin & simmer with whole milk for desired consistency.

Recipe via makecaloriesgreatagain.com

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