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Turnmire’s back, bond now at $10,000

Brad Williams



Matthew Symitczek (middle) and Jesse Turnmire (right) appear in a La Crosse courtroom today

A Bangor man arrested this week on drug charges just hours after bonding out of jail has a $10,000 cash bond again, imposed by the same judge who released him on Wednesday.

Jesse Turnmire appeared today before Judge Ramona Gonzalez, for the third time this week.

La Crosse police say Turnmire was arrested for dealing drugs, only four hours after a cash bond was posted to let him out of jail. 

The man who reportedly bonded him out, Matthew Symitczek, also has a $10,000 cash bond.  

City police are criticizing Gonzalez for agreeing to reduce bond for Turnmire from a level of $10,000 cash to just $2500.

In court today, Gonzalez said “I am not the queen,” and stated that it is not her job to set bail based upon anger, but to rule based on justice and the law.

Turnmire was arrested last weekend for allegedly firing shots at an apartment building on South Avenue.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Alicia Molzahn

    December 24, 2018 at 10:52 pm

    Where is the justice? Why has he not been charged for shooting into an apartment? I could have died that night! Sudddenly i heard what i thought was glass breaking and feeling somthing fly bythe side of my head. Ha i was almost hit by two bullets! He is not being held accountable for the shooting my life means nothing to the judicial system? Jesse Turnmier made a decision to shoot into an apartment window, i was sitting directly in front of this window. The reason he shot a gun is irrelevant. I could have died that night!

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