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MNSure enrollment increases don’t impress Republican Greg Davids



Although Minnesota’s state health care exchange, MNSure, is on pace for bigger numbers than last year, don’t expect much in the way of congratulations from critics of the exchange.

None are more vocal than Preston Republican state rep. Greg Davids. He maintains the 108,000-plus who have signed up on the state-run exchange doesn’t come close to justifying MNSure’s existence.

“This has been the biggest waste of money in Minnesota history,” Davids proclaimed. “Spent over $500 million on something that the private sector did for 100 years at no cost at all.”

There has been a 12.5-percent increase in enrolees this year compared to this time last year. None of it impresses Davids.

“It’s kind of like an Olympic high jumper wants to high jump seven feet,” Davids said. “Can’t do it, so he puts the bar at a foot so he can get over it.”

Davids contends the exchange was supposed to have 500,000 or more enrolled.

“Some times you have to admit failure and move on,” Davids said. “It’s time to do that with MNSure.”

Open enrollment in Minnesota continues through Jan. 14. But, for those who signed up after Dec. 20, coverage will not start until Feb. 1.

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