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La Crosse adds over 100 cases, as hospitalizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa at all-time highs



For the first time in just over a month, La Crosse County recorded over 100 cases of COVID-19.

According to state data, La Crosse added another 110 cases Thursday, bringing the total to 4,366.

The county is averaging 57.9 cases a day the past week, with a 23.3 percent positivity testing rate.

One more county resident has been hospitalized since Wednesday, bringing that total to 140.

Trempealeau County suffered its fourth death due to COVID-19. The county also added 39 more cases to its 1,078 total. Four are currently hospitalized of the 216 active cases.

Here’s a look at other surrounding counties:
JACKSON: 21 new cases (582 total – 250 active, not including new – 6 hospitalized)
VERNON: 13 new cases (521 total – 103 active – 7 hospitalized)
MONROE: 29 new cases (1,225 total – 258 active – 6 hospitalized)
HOUSTON: 19 new cases (No other info provided, as the county only provided this update due to the large increase. In the week prior, Houston added 24 total cases)
WINONA: 40 new cases (1,336 total – Winona did provide a weekly snapshot here)

Wisconsin: 214,996 cases, 11,003 hospitalizations, 1,948 deaths
Minnesota: 142,311 cases, 9,991 hospitalizations, 2,419 deaths
Iowa: 123,495 cases, 1,705 deaths
Wisconsin 4,128 (all-time high), Minnesota 2,030, Iowa 1,607

Statewide, Wisconsin added 4,870 cases, 193 more were hospitalized and 51 more have died.

As of Thursday, Wisconsin had a record 1,453 hospitalized with the virus, including 330 in the ICU. One in five state hospitals reported critical staffing shortages with hundreds of health care workers forced to quarantine, after being exposed to the virus. La Crosse’s hospitals are nearing capacity limits.

Minnesota set a single-day high for cases (2,872) and had the second-highest single-day tally for hospitalizations (136), while the death toll was in the 30s (32) for just eighth time but second in the past week.

Before that, there weren’t 30-plus deaths in a day since early June, when the state went a month and a half averaging over 20 dead a day. There have been 385 deaths so far in October, making it the third most deadly month of the pandemic. The state reported 401 deaths in June and 696 deaths in May.

There are 685 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19 in Minnesota — a new high — 168 of those in the ICU.

In Iowa, another 2,014 cases — the second consecutive day over 2,000 — 14 deaths and 95 more hospitalized. The state has a record 606 currently in the hospital — 152 in the ICU.

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