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La Crosse County adds 47 COVID-19 cases, 4 hospitalizations



The COVID-19 case count is inching lower in La Crosse County, but hospitalizations are headed in the other direction.

The county health department posted 47 cases Wednesday in the county and is averaging 102 the past seven days. That average was 128 last Friday.

The case average should drop dramatically Friday, as the 254 cases from last Friday will no longer be in the count. Cases the past four days have been under 100.

Total hospitalizations rose by four from Tuesday to 72. There is no stat for “current” hospitalizations in the county, however.

La Crosse now has 2,785 total cases, according to state data.

Winona County has put out a travel advisory for those headed to La Crosse. Winona Emergency Management advises against traveling to La Crosse County for leisure activities.

“This means to stay away from bars, restaurants, non-essential shopping and other non-essential activity,” the department posted. “This does not mean that we are advising that you cancel doctors appointments, going to work or doing essential things.”

Winona added six cases Wednesday, bringing its total to 855.

Monroe County added 24 cases, bringing its total to 443. There are now 110 active cases there, including two hospitalized.

Vernon added six cases (188 total). There are 48 active cases, including one hospitalized.

Trempealeau added 11 cases (580).

Houston added two cases (117), and has 13 active, including two hospitalized.

Wisconsin:105,932 cases, 6,821 hospitalizations, 1,259 deaths
Minnesota: 92,100 cases, 7,303 hospitalizations, 1,985 deaths
Iowa: 82,957 cases, 1,298 deaths

Statewide, another 1,762 cases Wednesday, along with 56 more hospitalizations and eight deaths in Wisconsin. The state is averaging 1,888.6 cases a day the past week. The hospitalization average is 52.4 a day.

Minnesota added 690 cases, 50 hospitalizations, six deaths.

Iowa data shows 1,283 cases, five deaths through Wednesday.

County case data was incorrect in an earlier version of this story. The website appeared to have updated numbers more than once.

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