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La Crosse County sets another single-day COVID-19 case high



For the second consecutive day, and third time in the past four days, La Crosse County has set a single-day high for COVID-19 cases.

Friday, 25 cases were reported by the health department, 16 of which are 20 or younger (one teenager).

The county has now had 220 total cases with 124 considered active. Nobody from the county is currently hospitalized. Nobody from the county has ever died from the virus.

La Crosse has now had 165 of its cases in June. The county has now had consecutive cases 21 days in a row, including multiple cases the past 18 consecutive days. In April, the county went 13 consecutive days without a single case.

The county’s health department is also asking anyone that was at the businesses listed below during the dates shown, to fill out this form:


The department is asking that because it has “unconnected, positive COVID-19 cases linked to a common place. So, if you visited any of these places during this time frame, the department is recommending you stay home for 14 days after the date you went. You likely have been exposed to COVID-19.

• Animal House (La Crosse) : 6/16
• Legends/Twisted Moose (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7 and 6/13
• Brothers Bar (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7 and 6/13
• Howie’s (La Crosse): 6/8, 6/10, and 6/12
• Pettibone Public Beach (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7 and 6/11
• Blue Moon (Onalaska): 6-5/6/7, 6/10, and 6/13
• La Crosse Queen (La Crosse): 6/9 and 6/10
• T.J. Maxx (Onalaska): 6/8-6/10
• Planet Fitness (Onalaska): 6/8 and 6/10 5:30-7:30
• Broncos (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7
• The Crow (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7
• The Library Bar (La Crosse): 6/5-6/7

In surrounding counties, Winona added two new cases and is at 90 total. Houston actually removed a case that was determined not to have been from the county and is back down to seven. Buffalo County remains at six with no new cases.

Trempealeau County added four more cases and is at 90 total — 64 of those coming in June. Vernon County added one more bringing its total to 30.

Wisconsin: 24,154 cases, 730 deaths
Minnesota: 32,301 cases, 1,361 deaths
Iowa: 25,245 cases, 681 deaths

Statewide, Wisconsin reported another 278 cases, 11 deaths Friday. It’s the first time in eight days the state has had double-digit deaths.

Minnesota had another 362 cases, 17 deaths. The state is averaging 17 deaths in June, after it averaged 23 a day in May.

Iowa shows another 392 cases, three deaths, in a 24-hour period that began at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Iowa’s health department does not report daily cases, deaths. Instead, the website is updated in real time.

Worldwide, there are 8.6 million cases, in which the U.S. is responsible for 26 percent. The U.S. also has 26 percent of the 457,105 deaths, according to John Hopkins data.

Here’s a look at the countries with the most cases and deaths:


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