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Orange “EV” license plate stickers beginning to show up for Wisconsin drivers



New orange "EV" stickers are beginning to show up for drivers of full electric and hybrid vehicles in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin drivers registering their vehicles should notice a new sticker to go on their license plate — for those driving anything electric.

New orange “EV” stickers have begun coming in the mail to Wisconsin drivers, who either have a hybrid or full electric vehicle.

The new requirement, a law passed in 2023, is to essentially notify first responders that they could be dealing with an electric vehicle in emergency situations.

There were 146,000 electric and hybrid vehicles registered in Wisconsin last year.

Those who apply for title and registration for a new electric or hybrid vehicle — including those purchased at a dealership — will be provided a sticker(s) with their new plate(s). Anyone who purchases an electric or hybrid vehicle ahead of that time will receive their sticker by mail. There is no need to contact the DMV for the stickers, according to the Wisconsin DOT.

For a standard-sized license plate, place the sticker in the upper-right corner of each plate, just to the right of the bolt holes.

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1 Comment

1 Comment


    May 13, 2024 at 9:18 pm

    Got mine today. This is what Inpaid $70. more for in order to renew my license plate this year. They get you even when you’re helping save the environment.

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