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Mobile Meals seeks volunteers in La Crosse

Kaitlyn Riley



Wednesday’s snow was a brisk reminder of the need to help those with mobility issues in the community.

Mobile Meals of La Crosse delivers more than 33,000 meals in a year to seniors, disabled, or home-bound citizens. Mike Desmond said they are already seeking volunteers to help with the task in 2020.

Desmond talked about Mobile Meals opportunities Wednesday on KQ98.

“We literally are in need of hundreds of volunteers to get these meals out every day,” Desmond said. “That includes holidays. On Thanksgiving, we’ll have drivers out delivering dinner to people as well. We are appealing to this community, businesses, churches, anyone to consider donating an hour of their day as often as they can do it to help these people out.”

Desmond added that beyond regular volunteers, Mobile Meals is looking to expand its list of emergency drivers.

“Basically if we need somebody that day for whatever reason, it is nice to have a list of people that we can call,” Desmond said. “If they can do it, that’s great. If they can’t, we’ll move down to the next person. If we have a pretty good list, we will almost always find a driver for that meal.”

All meals are made from scratch by Mayo Health System. Each delivery route lasts about an hour with instructions and addresses provided by Mobile Meals.

“Just think, it is such a small time commitment for the impact you are making on people who not only need a meal but oftentimes just need somebody to chat with for a few minutes,” Desmond said.

Anyone interested in helping deliver meals can contact Melissa by visiting mobilemealsoflacrosse.org.