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Group of men charged with fighting police officer, and one gets tased

Brad Williams



Four men are facing criminal charges after a confrontation with police on French Island.

The suspects range in age from 18 to 23 years old.


Police were called to the Days Inn on Wednesday night, when several people in one room started fighting with hotel staffers.

Four males either made death threats against a female police officer or tried to fight with her, and three of them reportedly attempted to take a taser gun from her.

The officer did tase one of the suspects.

John Owens

One man, 18-year-old Sean Suiter, is accused of threatening a law officer.

Other charges against the group include resisting arrest, causing property damage, and disorderly conduct.

Besides Suiter, the others facing charges include 19-year-old Terrell Sanders, 21-year-old Jacob Owens, and 23-year-old John Owens.

Jacob Owens is identified as the suspect who was tased.

In court on Friday, Judge Todd Bjerke told Suiter that in other communities, he might have been shot by police for his actions.

“I read the complaint, and you’re lucky you were not just shot, straight up,” Bjerke told Suiter. “Most jurisdictions around the country, you probably would have been.”