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Spot at city harbor selected for Lyra sculpture

Brad Williams



The municipal boat harbor in La Crosse is preparing to welcome a new tenant–the ‘Lyra’ sculpture now located in Burns Park.

Harbor manager Gary Thurk says he has already put stakes on the harbor property, to show where he would like the metal artwork to be placed on the river.

Lyra is scheduled to be repainted from its current brown to the original blue, and then moved to the harbor as a landmark to be seen by boats on the Mississippi.

The 16-foot-tall metal sculpture, which was originally displayed inside Valley View Mall, is intended to become a landmark for Mississippi River boaters coming to La Crosse.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    August 5, 2019 at 2:28 pm

    Here’s a novel idea; because the “green space” at the harbor has been usurped and removed from the boaying community’s use. As boaters are limited by a need for water access and the City’s unilateral decision not to offer fueling or stores (food, drink, bait, etc) but opt for yet another worthless hunk of useable land to be mowed and tended at taxpayer expense. This is especially egregious when it is attached to Houska park, an already vastly under-used park(albeit served by a road that looks like an off-road torture track).
    The penninsula of land by the Harbor should be rented out to a rent-paying, taxpayer willing to put in reasonable services to a captive crowd who now have to go to Brownsville for reasonable priced fuel or a soda and a Slim Jim.
    Let’s ditch this artsy tripe for a moment and meet the needs of the folks that actually foot the bills in the city.

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