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UW-L political scientist Chergosky on Kamala Harris La Crosse visit, nonsense stories and where voters might turn



UW-La Crosse political science professor, Dr. Anthony Chergosky, in studio discussing some of the latest results from the Marquette U. Law School poll, showing Joe Biden and Donald Trump even. Plus, why are we complaining when the vice president is visiting La Crosse — and is the electoral college working in creating that opportunity?

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We began the show with VP Kamala Harris’ upcoming La Crosse visit, before getting into some of the Marquette poll results, which also show US Senate candidates Tammy Baldwin and Eric Hovde even. Should we care about polls in April for a November election?

The second half of the show began with some nonsense stories (18:05) that just show how downtrodden our politics has become, including one Chergosky hadn’t heard. That particular story had to do with Biden saying a family member was cannibalized during WWII. There is also the Trump being “gassy” in court story. Plus, Wisconsin US House Rep. Derrick Van Orden getting into a name-calling fight with Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, where they refer to each other as Squish and Tubby. 

Then, piggybacking on a call from Kent (22:10) we talked about VP Harris’ visit and the electoral college’s role in such events. Also, when voters feel they’re not being represented, Chergosky discusses how either party could cater to any number of people — young people, women, minorities — to win their vote, and what people will do if they’re not happy with their party.

Lastly (35:20), we quickly discussed the Squish and Tubby name calling, as it pertains to US House Speaker Mike Johnson possibly being ousted and perhaps politics should be more “put up or shut up” versus playing it safe and seeing if you have the votes.

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