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Minnesota DNR proposes new hunting changes to combat CWD

Kaitlyn Riley



The Minnesota DNR invites the public to meet local wildlife staff, learn about upcoming hunting season changes and offer input.

Big changes could come to Minnesota’s $500 million deer hunting industry.

Todd Froberg, the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) landowner assistant specialist, said it is asking for public input for upcoming deer hunting regulation changes.

“For the Southeast specifically, we are going to have some major changes,” Forberg said. “That rule is not finalized yet, but major changes due to CWD.”

Froberg said they have made a disease management zone in the Southeast corner of the state that includes Winona, Houston, Fillmore, Olmstead and Mower counties.

The proposed changes, for that area, increases opportunities to harvest antlerless deer, imposes mandatory CWD testing and removes the Antler Point Restriction (APR).

Froberg said it also allows for one buck per individual season and a special hunt in the last two weekends of December. This is because of the discovery of CWD in Winona County.

“Our deer groups are pretty supportive just because they know the implications of CWD and what the potential is for that,” Froberg said.

He added part of this new strategy is to increase public involvement and communication, so they are having increased evaluations with deer stakeholders.

“Mostly deer hunters show up because it is geared toward them, but we do not just serve deer hunters,” he said. “We would also like to see agricultural producers, gardeners, motorists, wildlife watchers, hikers, bikers and more.”

The full deer plan, as well as a list of public meetings, can be found online.

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  1. Avatar

    Randall latvala

    July 17, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Far more than $500,000 industry.
    Typos like that are very misleading and take away the importance of hunting as a whole. It should have mentioned that hunters do more for all game and non-game animals and their environments by all of the non/anti hunting groups combined.

    • Kaitlyn Riley

      Kaitlyn Riley

      July 17, 2019 at 8:10 pm

      Hello, Randall!

      You are absolutely right! My apologies for the error. Minnesota’s deer industry is half a billion dollars strong, not half a million.

      Thank you.

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