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Higher fuel-mileage standards ok with drivers




Would you rather own a car that gets good gas mileage, or a car that gets bad gas mileage? The answer seems pretty clear. We’re seeing evidence of that with more and more hybrid or electric vehicles on the road today. And even those who aren’t ready to go green are happy to have to fill up their gas vehicles less often because of today’s more fuel efficient cars. But President Trump wants to put the brakes on that, hoping to end the Obama administrations rules requiring car makers to build increasingly fuel efficient cars. Trump also wants to block the rights of states, particularly California, to set their own, more stringent, fuel-efficiency standards. In response, Governors of 24 states, including Wisconsin, have signed on to California’s efforts to fight Trump’s plan. Trump argues that calling for more fuel-efficient vehicles would lead to fewer car sales, keeping older, less safe cars on the road longer. What he doesn’t recognize is that people want more fuel-efficient vehicles. That means more money in their pocket with fewer stops at the gas pump. And it isn’t just liberal environmentalists who object to Trump’s plan. Automakers think the President’s proposal goes to far, and could lead to a protracted legal battle, causing regulatory uncertainty. More fuel-efficient vehicles is a good thing, not just for the environment, but also for drivers. We should keep these standards in place. America is not clamoring for cars that get worse gas mileage than what they are driving today.

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