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La Crosse library director begins retirement

Brad Williams



Kelly Krieg-Sigman enjoys her last day on the job as director of the La Crosse Public Library

The long-time head of the La Crosse Public Library is checking out of her job. 

Wednesday was the last day at work for Kelly Krieg-Sigman, wrapping up 16 years at the local library and 34 years in the library business. 

Krieg-Sigman is confident that newly hired director Shanneon Grant, will help the La Crosse library continue to make progress. 

Grant worked at the local library for 25 years, before running the Sparta library the past two years, and will succeed Krieg-Sigman on Aug. 19.

Much of her time in recent years has been spent overseeing plans to update the three library buildings, with a makeover of the South Branch coming up soon.    

Krieg-Sigman said the renovations will cost about $1 million in maintenance alone.

“Just to bring the bathrooms up to ADA standards, to take care of the roof, to take care of some of the other infrastructure, that is now finally aging out,” Krieg-Sigman said.

What does Krieg-Sigman plan for her own future?  

“Global domination, followed by a pursuit of eternal peace and serenity,” she joked.

Besides that, she plans more time to spend with her husband, and her dog and to enjoy her morning coffee.