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Wisconsin lawmakers working together to address environmental health




Wisconsin has long been known for its pristine natural beauty, and its healthy environment. But it seems that over time, standards are lessened, and pollution grows, and the environment suffers. That is why it is good to see our lawmakers in Madison working to address Wisconsin’s environmental health. While each party has its own plan, both are introducing legislation designed to curb chemical contamination in the state. Governor Evers has introduced what is called the CLEAR Act. The legislation targets what are know as PFA’s, chemicals found in a number of household chemicals. The substances are also present in firefighting foam. We learned of that last week, when the city of La Crosse was warned of firefighting foam causing contamination in the soil at the La Crosse airport. The city now has to come up with a plan that meets DNR regulations to remove it. It will be costly, and it would be better if we kept the chemicals from causing contamination in the first place. Exposure to PFA’s can cause cancer, low birth-weight and immune system issues. That is why it is good to see our lawmakers, from both parties, working together to address this issue and restore Wisconsin’s reputation for a healthy environment.

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