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Winter Rec. Fest medallion still hidden, but it won’t be for long



The eighth clue to find the Winter Rec. Fest medallion will be released Wednesday.

Last year, the medallion was found after just three clues. This year, Jared Flick with the city’s parks and rec., said they made the clues shorter, so it would be more of a challenge.

But, Flick did say there is no doubt it will be found, and likely Wednesday or Thursday, because the clues get more obvious.

“As soon as you get to nine, it’s fairly obvious and 10 is like, ‘The medallions is here,’” Flick said.

Despite nobody finding the medallion yet, after eight days, Flick isn’t worried the thing has gone missing.

“I do sporadic checks throughout the week, especially this year with some snow, just to make sure it’s still in the location,” Flick said.

So, if you really want to find the medallion, there’s another way — just stalk Flick for 24 hours.

If someone did that, “they would have a pretty good idea of where it is,” Flick said with a laugh.

Whomever finds it gets $500, which is provided by State Bank in La Crosse.

This is the 34th Winter Rec. Fest and 30th year of the medallion hunt.

The same guy has been writing clues for the medallion hunt for the past 25 years, Flick said.

He did not, however, say who it was, but mentioned you’d likely recognize the name if you heard it.

Clue #1: An adventurous location. Yet, restrictions.

Clue #2: Where old friends may gather to rekindle old times.

Clue #3: Traffic slows and traffic stops.

Clue #4: O give me land. Lots of land.

Clue #5: Nary a neighborhood nearby.

Clue #6: An old-timer and athletes give pause.

Clue #7 Nestled next to bark, find one tree among many.

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