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Deer escaping danger from hunters to perish by vehicles; Sheriff’s Deputy requests vigilance on roads



The deer are getting killed all over Wisconsin, whether in the woods or on the road.

La Crosse County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jeff Wolf says with all of the holiday traffic expected this weekend, it’ll be a long few days for law enforcement.

“Pretty consistent October and November,” Wolf said. “Typically, the highest deer crash seasons in the county and across the state. We also know that the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the highest crash holidays as well, so there is a concern.”

And, whether it’s a simply little rest or the tryptophan from all that turkey, Wolfe says drivers need to be on alert at all times.

“They need to slow down and be well rested,” he said. “That’s one thing we see with the Thanksgiving holiday, is drivers aren’t necessarily as well rested. It gets darker early and some need to be a little more vigilant when they do see a deer.”

Wolf suggests calling law enforcement and describing the accident if a deer is hit or even if you see roadkill that could be a hazard in the roadway.

“Law enforcement will help determine if a state accident report needs to be made, if you need assistance removing your vehicle or removing the deer off the roadway,” he said.

And, if you see a deer, Wolf says be on the lookout for more.

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