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Olmsted County Sheriff’s Dept.: Boulder caper could be hard one to solve



There has to be easier ways to steal $4,000.

Certainly easier than running off with 17 tons boulders.

The great boulder caper has sheriff’s deputies in Minnesota’s Olmsted County scratching their heads.

Around $4,000 worth of decorative boulders at an estimated 16-17 tons of stones, weighing several hundred pounds each. About 20 of them altogether.

They were stolen from a private property a little northwest of tiny Oronoco, where they were being stored for a project to be completed in the spring.

And then one day they were just gone.

“One would assume that some sort of skid loader or heavy equipment of some kind was involved in moving them,” Olmsted Sheriff’s Captain Scott Behrns told WIZM. “It would be pretty tough to solve this one.”

He added that the vast amount of construction going on in Olmsted county probably means the boulders will wind up in a different project without anyone noticing.

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