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Mayo named top hospital in nation, responds to startling report alleging teen held against her will



In the same week, world renown Mayo Clinic has found plenty to brag about. And a reason to try and defend itself.

The Rochester-headquartered medical system has been named the number one hospital in the nation in the new U.S. News and World Report rankings.

The publication also gives Mayo more number one specialty ranks than any other hospital in the country.

News of the rankings comes the day after Mayo was compelled to respond to an alarming report on CNN about a family that had to allegedly orchestrate their daughter’s escape from Mayo’s Rochester facility last winter.

The family claims the 18 year-old daughter was being held against her will and Mayo was trying to seize guardianship of her through the state of Minnesota.

The teen had been receiving treatment for a brain aneurysm.  At one point, after the family used a ruse to get their daughter her out of Mayo, they apparently removed their cell phone batteries to keep the police off their tails as they made their way to another hospital in South Dakota.

In a statement about the explosive report, Mayo says the CNN story was inaccurate and missing some context.

The statement says, “Our internal review determined that the care team’s actions were true to Mayo Clinic’s primary value that the patient’s needs come first.”

The statement also concludes, “We provided life-saving care for this patient and made decisions based on what we felt is best for the future of this patient.”

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