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Enforcement of La Crosse’s 48-hour, alternate-side parking period begins at 6 a.m.



With the impending snowstorm expected Tuesday, the City of La Crosse’s superintendent of streets has declared a 48-hour snow disposal period.

What that means is, beginning at 6 a.m. Tuesday, alternate-side parking isn’t just being enforced at night, it’s being enforced for the entirety of those 48 hours.

“This will be a good test to see what kind of compliance we get,” La Crosse asst. police chief Rob Abraham said. “We hope we get 100 percent compliance and we issue zero parking citations.”

Abraham added that he cannot remember, in his 28 years, the municipal ordinance of snow disposal (44-107) ever being enforced.

The 24-hour-per-day, alternate-side parking enforcement period will run through 6 a.m. Thursday.

“Under the ordinance, you are subject to having your vehicle removed,” Abraham noted. “That is an option out there if necessary.”

Vehicles will have to park on the odd side of the street on the odd day (Tuesday and Thursday) and the even side of the street on the even day (Wednesday).

Police posted on Facebook, “This is in effect for ALL day and throughout the ENTIRE city. The La Crosse Police will allow a grace period between 9 p.m.-midnight.”

Alternate-side parking changed this year, ending March 15 — 15 days earlier than in previous years. Regardless, this ordinance would still take affect.

Here is the exact language from the ordinance:
44-107 (d)
“Snow disposal period. The Superintendent of Streets may designate a snow disposal period for the duration of 48 hours. Notification of the snow disposal period shall be provided to the local news media and through the City of La Crosse public webpage. It shall be prima facie evidence of notification to any individual that said notification has been posted on the City of La Crosse public webpage seven hours prior to any snow disposal period. Failure to comply with a snow disposal period shall result in increased alternate side parking forfeitures as provided in section 44-1 and the Police Department may remove such vehicles either with its own facilities or by the employment of towing equipment from private contractors, and such vehicles may be ordered stored by the Police Department in any storage garage or rental parking ground.”


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dont matter

    April 4, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Anybody see a plow truck on there street? I didn’t… so just as I thought it was just a way to ticket people for living here great way to protect and serve la crosse just great

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