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MN rep. Greg Davids: One GOP tax bill difference should be an easy choice



Republicans will be in deal-making mode in Washington in order to iron out House and Senate differences in a sweeping federal tax bill.

One of those differences is whether to keep or dump the Obamacare health insurance mandate. It’s an easy choice for Minnesota Rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston. Davids, who is nearly a constant critic of the Affordable Care Act, says the mandate’s gotta go.

“Obamacare, with the mandate, if you didn’t had health insurance, you were a criminal,” Davids said of the law that requires everyone to have health insurance. “And, I think that’s not proper for the government to force somebody to buy something in the private market or anywhere.”

Other differences involve student loan interest deductions, how large child tax credits get, and whether the estate tax for the wealthy will eventually get eliminated.

Right now, the House bill keeps the mandate. The Senate bill eliminates it.

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