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Women’s marches, in protest to Trump, happening all over country Saturday



Library of Congress (Warren K. Leffler)

Over 22,000 have said they’re going on FB in St. Paul, while another 13,600 may attend in Madison.

Thousands will march Saturday on Washington, D.C., and in cities across the nation.

The Women’s March on Washington with crowds expected to be larger than Friday’s inauguration itself.

Women’s March events are happening all over the country. The one in St. Paul appears to have over 22,200 people going, according to the Facebook events page, while over 21,500 more people are interested. In Madison, over 13,600 are said to be going according to its events page, while another 17,000 are interested. 

Of course, that pales in comparison to the D.C., Facebook event which, so far, has over 217,000 attending and another 254,400 interested.

Former La Crosse city council member Sara Sullivan will march in D.C. In part out of solidarity for women everywhere. In part, for something closer to home for her.

“This makes me cry a little bit,” she said on WIZM Thursday afternoon. “The grandmother to a 13-month old girl. And I want the world she lives in to be better than the world that I and my mother … have grown up in.”

Reports, so far, state that around 200 buses have applied for parking for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Meanwhile, around 1,200 buses have applied for the march in D.C. the next day.

The original idea for the Women’s March on Washington was apparently conceived after the presidential election and, though they lack a cohesive message, the common theme is opposition to Trump.

“The president-elect, certainly, has galvanized some response because of the statements that he’s made over and over with regard to women,” Sullivan said. “The misogyny is frightening to me.”

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