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Buchholz the “Bernie-crat,” likes his chances against Kind in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary



Democratic Congressional candidate
has similar views as Bernie Sanders

Myron Buchholz proudly wears a “Berniecrat” shirt.

The Democratic candidate for congress is on the ballot facing off against longtime incumbent Ron Kind on Tuesday in western Wisconsin.

Buchholz said the allegiance he has to Bernie Sanders and the Vermont Senator’s ideas could really help him at the polls.

“We’re close,” Buchholz said. “I have every reason to believe it’s going to be a close election Tuesday.

“If you’d asked me that six months ago, I would have said I’m giving it my best shot. Today, I feel like I’m going to win. The more Bernie voters that turn out, the closer it’s going to be.”

Buchholz believes that mostly because of the current levels of voter dissatisfaction. He really started to feel good about his chances when president Obama released a two-minute video endorsement of Kind.

The winner of tomorrow’s primary is all but guaranteed the congressional seat. There is no Republican on the ballot for November.

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