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La Crosse Mayor Reynolds on housing, homelessness and marijuana



La Crosse Mayor Mitch Reynolds in the WIZM studio Monday for La Crosse Talk PM, to discuss a couple of different topics that are all intertwined, revolving around housing.

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Reynolds noted the city’s biggest priority is housing, so we talk about some of the development projects going on, what the city’s role is with promoting housing and how more homes will help the homeless.

We also got an update on the city-county initiative to create a 5-year plan to bring homelessness to functional zero.

In the midst the conversation, we also discussed Wisconsin being on an island in terms of legal marijuana, while Republicans in the state are perhaps starting to move in that direction — maybe.

Host of WIZM's La Crosse Talk PM | University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate | Hometown: Greenville, Wis | Avid noonball basketball player and sand volleyballer in La Crosse

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  1. R head

    August 8, 2023 at 8:26 am

    Maybe if they get drugs in La crescent they will move there? Then they could take Mitch with!

  2. nick

    August 8, 2023 at 9:55 am

    Mayor refolds ought to read up and how many billions California has spent and it has not done any good at lall. In fact, A survey stated that the over half the homeless want to stay homeless.
    He should face the facts.

  3. Ryan

    August 8, 2023 at 10:56 pm

    Give homelessness each an acre or 1/2 an acre of land, I mean give them an acre. Then …let them camp on their own property of dirt hell brick mud water sand forms or a yurt or Amish cabin give them a few hammer and nail chief lighting brew whitedogs could assist moving them to the woods is like protecting the wildlife and after every the weathered prehistoric behaviors and ancient customs surrounding Cameron anyway its good the judges drank beer an ate peanuts at the old bar that now a school cause they knew best..the school kids now have there playground back and I don’t object to wooden fence around the park for the kids in honor of senator Cameron and some cut logs or fallen trees in a storm. Yep..if the homeless received an acre for all the hardships they’d love the woods next to old tent but old need flood proof designs on their own acre there first maybe ask chiefs at riverbanks and lacrosse temple biblio for assists for donations for land just sum thoughts

  4. Trish

    August 11, 2023 at 10:27 am

    There are plenty of homeless that also don’t want to be homeless but have no choice. “Property Management” companies have taken over! Property owners have chosen to use them & they have such high requirements for new tenants its ridiculous! People on limited income ie SSI or SSDI ect & large families cannot even afford to come up with the amount to move in much less have 3 times the rent in gross monthly income.

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