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One Minnesota election for Congress will be in November, despite candidate death



One Congressional district in Minnesota will have its House race next month, even though the election had been moved to February under a state law. 

A federal judge says the 2nd District Congressional election will still be held on November 3rd, as usual. 

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Angie Craig had asked a judge to stick with the traditional election day.  

Because a third party candidate died last month, the House election was supposed to be postponed under a law which was passed after Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash less than two weeks before he was up for re-election. 

The Legal Marijuana Now party has now named a substitute candidate in the Congressional race. 

Craig argued that federal law required voting to be held as part of the November election and she warned the district would be without representation for several weeks if there was a delay.

Her Republican opponent, Tyler Kistner, argued the election should be in February, and he plans to appeal.

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