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Mayor Kabat has first challenger since 2013



For the first time since he became mayor in 2013, Tim Kabat has a challenger.


While everyone is focused on the November elections, La Crosse city council Jessica Olson filed papers to run against Kabat in April of 2021, according to the La Crosse Independent.

At this point, however, Kabat may not even run for mayor in 2021.

Asked, back in July, if he was going to run, Kabat said, “I still got time. It’s still early yet.”

Kabat was first elected in April of 2013, defeating Douglas Farmer with 65.4% of the vote. He ran unopposed in 2017.

Olson has been on city council since April of 2017.

According to the Independent, “Olson said she could still withdraw her declaration of candidacy if someone she deems a better candidate decides to run, but she’s convinced new leadership for the city is needed.”

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