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Teachers getting used to classroom instruction online

Brad Williams



Schools in Wisconsin and other states are teaching classes remotely, during the spread of COVID-19, and one teacher in the La Crosse area tells us that can be hard. 

Christy Wopat teaches 4th grade in the Holmen School District, and her own kids are at home while the schools are closed. 

Wopat tells the Z93 morning show that the distance instruction is not quite the same as what many families think of as “home schooling.”   

“Even parents who home-school their kids go to the museum, and go to the park, (but) this is a totally different thing,” said Wopat.

She says every class day at 10 am, she’s connecting on-line with her regular students for a ‘read-aloud’ session.  

Christy’s husband Brian teaches French at Onalaska High School, and she says Brian has been recording French lessons at home to be seen by his students.