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Klobuchar appeals as moderate, says UW-L political scientist

Brad Williams



A sudden surge of attention to Amy Klobuchar in New Hampshire could have an effect on the Democratic presidential race. 

The Minnesota senator was praised for her performance at a debate last week. 

Before that, Klobuchar mainly seemed to get attention because of accusations from co-workers that she’s a mean boss. 

Political scientist Joe Heim from UW-L says toughness may be good for Klobuchar, or for any woman running for office in the U.S.    

Heim says Klobuchar’s public image has mainly been ‘Minnesota Nice,’ showing a reluctance to criticize her primary opponents.      

The New Hampshire primary is famous for forcing lesser candidates out of the race, but Heim says New Hampshire may not provide enough of a push for marginal hopefuls. 

Heim would like to see some Democrats, such as Deval Patrick and Tulsi Gabbard, get out of the campaign.