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Salvation Army signing up bell-ringers

Brad Williams



A familiar sound will start up soon in the La Crosse area.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the Salvation Army red kettle bell campaign begins Nov. 9.

Local volunteer coordinator Alex Riley says they’ve lost traditional kettle sites such as Gander Mountain and Shopko stores in the last year.

So there may be more kettles in downtown La Crosse as a result, such as a site in front of the Batavian Building on Main Street.

There are 2,600 bell ringing shifts to fill for the holidays, at about two dozen locations throughout La Crosse County.

Riley says they were able to keep the kettles manned about 80 percent of the time last year, and still met the La Crosse goal of $850,000.

A pancake kickoff breakfast is planned Nov. 8 at the Salvation Army gym on 8th Street.

The website where you can volunteer to man the kettles is www.RegisterToRing.com.