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Local leaders, politicians join workers in La Crosse Labor Day celebrations

Brad Williams



Guests line up for raffle tickets at the Labor Day picnic in La Crosse's Copeland Park

If it’s Labor Day in La Crosse, you can find lots of union workers and their families in Copeland Park enjoying the holiday.

The park picnic for local union members followed the traditional Labor Day parade on Monday in north La Crosse.

Tyler Tubbs, the president of the area AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, says the workers like to get together to celebrate the day set aside in their honor.

Tubbs says about 70 per cent of the area people working in trades affiliated with unions actually do belong to a union, and he’s hoping to see the number go higher.

Unemployment is low, but the stock market has seen some declines because of trade disputes between the U.S. and other countries.

La Crosse Congressman Ron Kind thinks that overall, western Wisconsin is doing well under current conditions.

Democrat Kind points out that the House passed a bill in July to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour, but he worries about what will happen to it in the Republican Senate.

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