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Milwaukee market founder promotes similar idea for La Crosse

Brad Williams



From pasta to wine, a display of market goods at La Crosse City Hall illustrates what could be sold at a public market

The arrival of August means that the season for outdoor activities is winding down. 

That includes farmers’ markets, which often stay open in La Crosse through the end of October. 

Now that the city is looking at operating a year-round public market, organizers need to consider the changing of the seasons, according to Wendy Baumann, one founder of the Milwaukee Public Market. 

Baumann came to La Crosse Wednesday to give advice on what makes such a market successful. 

Although Baumann does not live here, she knows a good deal about La Crosse, and says “I also see that vibrancy in the city, and that sense of independent locally-owned business that’s not foreign to the city, and that is a big magical part about the market.”

Baumann says a good business plan and a variety of vendors are just as helpful as a good location.  

She thinks that having the public market has inspired producers in Milwaukee to improve the quality of local food, and to experiment with a larger variety of market goods.