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After primary, Republicans prepped for heavy battle in key Wisconsin races



Now the race really begins, and it’s going to be a contentious one. 

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and state schools superintendent Tony Evers emerged from the primary vote Tuesday, as the top candidates to appear on November’s ballot.

With the so-called “blue wave” coming, that could derail Walker’s bid for a third term in office, is state Republican Party chair Brad Courtney worried?

“We’ve always known Gov. Walker’s going to be in a tough race,” he said. “That’s why we’ve been organizing, working for the last 18 months, putting field offices throughout the state. Telling people it’s important. We’ve done over 1 million phone calls and over 500,000 door knocks.”

Leah Vukmir won in the GOP U.S. Senate primary, deciding the candidate to face incumbent Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November.

Courtney says the races for governor and U.S. Senate were always going to be a challenge, not just because the state is so bipartisan, but also because of a good economy that’s, apparently, sparked a lack of enthusiasm.

“I think when things are going so well, people tend to get complacent, and that’s our problem,” Courtney said. “When unemployment is at 2.9 percent, people are happy about that.”

As for who has the tougher challenger?

“They’re both in a tough race,” Courtney said of both Walker and Vukmir. “We’re a purple state. I think it’s going to be, both of them are going to have to work hard.”

Courtney says, to win in November, his party has to continue to spread the positive economic news about Wisconsin that includes the longest sustained record unemployment rate in state history.

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