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La Crosse police recognize outstanding officers, citizens during ceremony



Awards and recognition for La Crosse police officers and involved citizens again highlight those that go above and beyond. 

The police department held their annual awards ceremony on Wednesday night the Community Policing Center on St. James St.

Police chief Ron Tischer noted that his professional experience has guided him to value the contributions from his officers to the community.   

“Very first night on night shift, my lieutenant said, ‘you’re only job, kid, is to go and arrest people,” Tischer said. “Fortunately, I realized throughout my career that it’s more than just arresting people, we’re here to help people.”

Among those cited for their service on the police force were officers Andrew Adey and Stephen Hughes who received a Silver Star Award for their part in rescuing a 1 year-old child from harm during a carjacking last summer.  Roger Burzinski was shot and killed by Adey and Hughes after he refused to surrender and showed a gun while still in the stolen car with the child.  

Margaret Meier also received an award for volunteering information to police about the living conditions of a home at 917 5th Avenue South.  Her information led to a condemnation by the city’s Inspections Department and eventual razing of the property.

The full list of award winners are listed below:

Officer Andrew Adey and Officer Stephen Hughes – Silver Star Award – For their courageous actions under perilous conditions while saving a child and our community from a violent kidnapper.

Officer Dominick Jacobs – Superior Achievement Award – For courageously risking his own personal safety to save the life of another.

Officer Jared Reed – Life Preservation Award – For his quick actions and administration of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to save a woman’s life.

Officer Todd Fischer, Officer Tony LeQue, and Officer Brad Schomberg – Life Preservation Award – For their diligence in locating a suicidal subject under extraordinary circumstances, saving the man’s life.


Telecommunicator Jason Allen – Chief’s Achievement Award – For his quick thinking, calm demeanor, and ability to provide detailed information during a kidnapping incident.

Officer Whitney Hughes – Chief’s Achievement Award – For her dedication to service and commitment to giving back to our community.

Officer Casey Rossman – Traffic Safety Award – For his dedication to the prevention of traffic crashes, accident-related injuries or fatalities.

Joshua Leske – Citizen Award of Excellence – For his attention to detail and willingness to take action to assist law enforcement, ultimately resulting in saving a man’s life.

Margaret Meier – Citizen Award of Excellence – For her willingness to assist law enforcement, resulting in the increased safety and livability of her neighborhood.

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