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Walker $100 child rebate, juvenile justice plan in jeopardy



MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker’s $100 child rebate is in jeopardy because the Wisconsin Senate objects to including a sales tax holiday as part of the proposal.

The Senate on Thursday posted its agenda for Tuesday, its final day in session. It includes a bill doing the $100 child rebate, but not the sales tax holiday.

That differs from what the Assembly passed and it has no plans on returning to take up the Senate version of the bill.

That means the $100 tax rebate, a priority of Walker’s, would die.

Also at risk is the $80 million juvenile justice overhaul bill unanimously approved by the Assembly last month. The Senate is planning to vote on a scaled-back version.

Meanwhile, the Senate and Walker don’t agree on what school safety bills to pass, either.

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