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Wisconsin Attorney General’s comments about arming school staff spark reactions



A lot of lawmakers seemed surprised upon hearing comments made by Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel during a Tuesday interview in relation to guns in school.

Schimel said school districts should decide whether to allow guns on school grounds. He also said his office would train school staff that wanted to carry guns, if allowed by lawmakers.

In response, La Crosse state senator Jennifer Shilling tweeted, “It is appalling that Republicans continue to do the bidding of the NRA at the expense of student, teacher and staff safety.”

A possible Schimel opponent this election year, Josh Kaul, a former federal prosecutor, tweeted, “It’s alarming that anyone — let alone our Attorney General — would think that arming teachers is a good idea.”

Kaul later tweeted:

 Meanwhile, Republican state rep. Jesse Kremer, who is pushing for allowing concealed carry in some schools, said Schimel is “stepping up on the topic of school security.”

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