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Two men charged after chasing, shooting and killing a fox on La Crosse’s south side



Several foxes have been seen running around La Crosse but two brothers face charges after they admitted shooting one of them.

The caretaker for Woodlawn Cemetery in La Crosse said he saw two in the cemetery in a truck chasing after a fox and heard three gunshots. The two men, 23-year-old Jerad Cary and 21-year-old Jesse Cary, left after being confronted by the caretaker.

The cemetery is located near Losey and Hwy. 61 on the south side.

Not too far away from there, a fox was seen near State Rd.


Jesse Cary admitted to firing his .22-caliber rifle three times after seeing the fox while they were driving around. Cary said he wanted to kill the fox and make a hat of it.

He faces charges of obstruction and firing a gun in city limits, which each are $187 citations. His brother also is charged with obstruction.

Wisconsin’s DNR is investigating the shooting that took place Dec. 28.

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