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From a “joke” to none at all, Wisconsin looks to end licensing, training for conceal-carry weapons



Senate Committee passed legislation Tuesday 

There are fairly high expectations for a proposal in Madison that does away with licensing and training requirements for carrying concealed weapons in Wisconsin. 

President of Wisconsin Carry, Nik Clark, is among the critics of current training rules.

“Wisconsin’s current trying requirement is a joke,” Clark said. “It’s purely symbolic. It was put in place just for political expediency.”

Some worry about the lack of training for gun toters. Clark says there’s no need for concern.

“This notion that we need to have mandatory training, just because there isn’t a training mandate, doesn’t mean there won’t be training,” Clark said. “And, people who think there currently is a mandate, that people have, quote, ‘All kinds of training.’ That’s not the case either.”

Clark went on to explain.

“Currently, if you have hunter’s safety, which I took in seventh grade, that was my proof of training,” he said. “Tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of people got their conceal-carry license, using their hunter’s safety, which they got in middle school.”

Clark says legislation approved by a state Senate committee Tuesday points the way to success in the legislature as a whole.

He’s not worried about losing training requirements. Deadly weapons, he says, are always around, no training required.

“You have knives in your kitchen but you didn’t pick one up and stab your husband or wife when you had an argument ,” he said. “It’s not different when you have a gun.”

Twelve states currently allow concealed carry without permits or training.

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