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DMVs giving out voter IDs under scrutiny in Wisconsin



ACLU fighting law, same time report comes out DMVs mishandling responsibility

Turns out it’s coincidence that the Wisconsin ACLU is again looking to overturn Wisconsin’s voter ID law at the same time new reports have come out that DMV workers appear confused about how to issue proper identification for voting.

The ACLU’s Larry Dupuis says his organization has been working on a complaint for some time, but the problem is the same: the DMV.

“Part of the problem,” Dupuis said, “that has always existed with the voter ID law, is that it puts in the hands a bureaucracy that is designed to regulate drivers and the licensing of drivers and motor vehicles.”

Although the ACLU hasn’t asked for the law to be overturned before next month’s election, Dupuis says, in light of the news of DMV worker confusion, he understands why a court would want to halt the law even this late in the game.   

“Whatever you think of how well the DMVs do at their job of getting people their driving credentials, this is not their forte,” Dupuis said. “Determining whether people are able to vote is not something we should be leaving in the hands of that bureaucracy.”

Reports came out about DMV workers around the state not understanding how to get would-be voters free photo IDs or them giving out incorrect information. Either way, Dupuis said, it’s not the DMV’s problem.

“Right from the beginning the DMV said, ‘Maybe this isn’t the best thing,’ for the DMV to be doing, acting as a gatekeeper to the ballot box,” Dupuis said.

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