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More seats open for owl expert at International Owl Center in Houston, Minn.



Owl expert Jennifer Ackerman (right) (PHOTO: International Owl Center)

More spots have opened up for a special guest speaking in person at International Owl Center in Houston, Minn.

Owl expert Jennifer Ackerman, a New York Times best-selling author will be speaking at 2 p.m. Oct. 27, now at the Houston Elementary School gymnasium.

The event at the Owl Center sold out, so executive director Karla Bloem added a second speaking engagement at the school and more seats are now available.

“Ackerman wrote the book the world has needed about owls: a functionally peer-reviewed book highlighting the latest research and correcting all kinds of old misconceptions and overgeneralizations,” the event notes. “She visited researchers around the world plus conducted virtual interviews with many more, then packaged the information in an engaging narrative so it is anything but dry and boring.”

Tickets for Owl Center members is $10 and $15 for non-members. Pre-register here.

Cost to become an International Owl Center member is $25 for an individual, $45 for a household. There are also memberships for grandparents and more, which allow you to bring guests or friends to the various events it holds throuought the year. For more info, click here.

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