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Four new La Crosse School Board members elected in race that sees over 56,400 votes



The most open seats on the La Crosse School Board to be filled since the 1990s was decided Tuesday.

The four open seats on the board will be filled by election winners Deb Suchla, Scott Neumeister, Trevor Sprague and Jeff Jackson. The results are unofficial at this point, but all precincts have reported.

There were 56,451 votes cast in the race with none of the candidates getting more than 16 percent. The top six running were separated by 3.97 percentage points — 2,241 votes.

The Top 3 will have full, three-year terms, while Jackson will have a one-year term, filling a vacancy left by former school board member, Rob Abrham, who who resigned.

Eight candidates ran in the race. None of the candidates received over 16 percent of the vote.

Sprague and Jackson had the backings of the La Crosse Education Association — easier known as the teachers’ union — and the La Crosse County Democratic Party.

Suchla and Neumeister were supported by the La Crosse County Republican Party and endorsed by a political action committee (PAC) called the 1776 Project, which claims to go after school districts that teach things like Critical Race Theory.

Both Neumeister and Suchla denied wanting the endorsement from the group, though fliers and text messages went out to potential voters in the district stating its endorsement of the two.

Suchla had the most votes, with Neumeister coming in second, followed by Sprague and Jackson.

Deb Suchla — 8,720 — 15.45%
Scott Neumeister — 8,279 — 14.67%
Trevor Sprague — 7,918 — 14.03%
Jeff Jackson — 7,524 — 13.33%
Tim Alberts 6,622 — 11.73%
Jerry Wacek 6,479 — 11.48%
Kathi Blanchard — 5,607 — 9.93%
Kimberly Krejchik — 5,001 — 8.86%
Write-In Totals — 301 — 0.53%

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1 Comment

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