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City of La Crosse: Shovel the sidewalk within 24 hours, or it’ll cost you money



Several times each winter, homeowners in La Crosse will leave a sidewalk unshoveled after a snowfall. 

In many cases, the city will dispatch a shoveling crew to clear the walk, and send a bill to the owner.  And the owners often try to appeal the bill, or a fine, to a city committee. 

City Hall is giving those owners fair warning at the start of this winter, to shovel walks within 24 hours of a snowfall if they don’t want to be charged money. 

Anyone seeing a sidewalk that hasn’t been cleared days after a snowfall is asked to report the address to the city’s new app, “LaCrosse311.”

The city of La Crosse will ticket property owners who don’t clear snow and ice 24 hours after a storm.

Snow shoveling season has arrived, and the city of La Crosse is reminding property owners to shovel their walks right after the snow falls, or else it might cost you. 

City Hall often gets requests from homeowners appealing the shoveling bill, who claim they may have been out of town or had arranged for someone else to clear the sidewalk. The Board of Public Works routinely hears appeals from ticketed homeowners into the springtime months.

A native of Prairie du Chien, Brad graduated from UW - La Crosse and has worked in radio news for more than 30 years, mostly in the La Crosse area. He regularly covers local courts and city and county government. Brad produces the features "Yesterday in La Crosse" and "What's Buried on Brad's Desk." He also writes the website "Triviazoids," which finds odd connections between events that happen on a certain date, and he writes and performs with the local comedy group Heart of La Crosse. Brad been featured on several national TV programs because of his memory skills.

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  1. Carol Herlitzka

    November 22, 2022 at 7:29 am

    We have been shoveling our sidewalks for years. Another way to get more money from property owners..lets stop taking tax dollars for schools and collages from Sr citizens. We have paid for this for years. Fixed incomes in bidens world we have enough to pay for. There are states that do not charge donors after 65 years of age.!!!?

  2. Rufus

    November 29, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    Just visited Louisiana and saw inmates out picking up trash along the highway. Why can’t La Crosse put jail inmates out and let them shovel the sidewalks. Maybe there will be some deterrence from crime.

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