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La Crosse subtracts 44 COVID-19 cases Wednesday; 13.8% population inoculated



Last Saturday, the state removed four COVID-19 cases from La Crosse County, essentially, tallying negative-four cases for that day.

Monday, the county officially had zero cases in a day for the first time since May 29.

Wednesday, the total cases for the day was negative-44, according to state data.

La Crosse County went from 12,306 cases Tuesday to 12,262 Wednesday.

The data throws in flux any semblance of trying to gauge how many cases the county has been averaging a day until there’s some explanation as to why so many cases were removed.

This happened Tuesday statewide in Minnesota in the opposite manner when nearly 900 cases and 138 deaths were added to the totals. The reasoning for the months-old data dump, there were four private labs that failed to report the data to the state.

As for vaccinations, 13.8 percent (16,277) of La Crosse County residents are fully inoculated, while 22.3 (26,304) have gotten the first shot.

Here’s a look at where Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa sit with vaccines:

VACCINE1st dose%Complete%

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