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La Crosse Center working on ways to move electronic sign

Brad Williams



There’s a legal roadblock to the plan for installing electronic signs for the La Crosse Center on 3rd Street. 

The proposal for new signs results from the anticipated removal of the billboard sign which now stands outside the main center entrance at 2nd and Pearl. 

Art Fahey, the manager of the civic center, says city and state rules may prevent the installation of new electric signs very far from the building.

“Third Street is really Highway 53 going through town, and being a state highway and part of the Great River Road, they’ve got some qualifications to what kind of signage can go on that,” said Fahey.

Some center board members would like to have signs on 3rd, perhaps on the La Crosse Center parking ramp, to direct customers to the civic center, a block away. 

The existing billboard on 2nd Street is due to be removed, as part of the plan to build a new main entrance to the La Crosse Center.