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Onalaska man charged with attacking and threatening cop

Brad Williams



‘Everyone in your life is in jeopardy.’ 

That’s what a Holmen police officer says a man told him while trying to resist arrest early Tuesday morning. 

Jeremy Sinclair of Onalaska is accused of battery and making threats to Holmen officer Joseph Inglett, after Sinclair’s car was seen parked in a snowbank. 

Sinclair allegedly elbowed the officer and kicked him in the chest, and also banged his own head against a squad car door and window. 

The 45-year-old Sinclair has been released from jail, and was ordered to have no contact with Officer Inglett. 

In other court news, Ronald Crosby Jr. is back in the county jail.

The 19-year-old Crosby was taken to the La Crosse County jail on Tuesday on a municipal warrant. 

He had been scheduled for a Tuesday morning court hearing, in a case from last fall where he was charged with bail-jumping and possessing narcotics. 

Crosby has been in and out of jail repeatedly in the last couple of years, and La Crosse police have used his case to criticize judges for letting prisoners back onto the street, only to commit more crimes.