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WATCH: La Crosse police release bodycam footage and reports, after receiving “several inquiries” about Friday arrest



What maybe should have been a simple stop for speeding in La Crosse, ended up a bigger incident that garnered some attention from the public.

City of La Crosse police said, in the interest of transparency, it released the bodycam footage and reports online, after receiving “several inquiries,” after the arrest of Aprina Rodriguez for resisting and felony bail jumping.

According to the report, around 1:15 a.m. Friday, police clock a Plymouth Neon going 38 mph in a 25 zone.

The police squad car attempts to follow the Neon, which drives into the Walgreens lot on West Avenue, abruptly parks and everyone gets out.

Officer Cody Plenge pulls up and tells the four to get back into the car, because they’re being pulled over.

Some claim they can’t be pulled over because the squad lights and sirens weren’t on, to which Plenge says, “Well, they will be in a second.”

A few seconds later the police siren blares once, the lights go on and the women claim, “It’s too late.”

From Plenge’s bodycam footage, it shows three of the passengers go back by the vehicle initially, while the fourth heads into Walgreens.

Plenge catches up to, who is later identified as Rodriguez, and grabs her arm just outside the store. He then lets go to tell another passenger to go back to the car, before catching up to Rodriguez again.

This time, in the entryway to Walgreens, Plenge grabs Rodriguez’s arm again, telling her, “You’re not free to go, you’re being pulled over. You’re not being pulled over …”

Plenge then tells Rodriguez to put her hands behind her back, while she asks, “For what?” She keeps asking that, while Plenge keeps saying, “Stop resisting.”

At this point, the other three passengers are now just outside Walgreens, and people can be heard yelling at the officers.

Unable to cuff Rodriguez, Plenge wraps his arms around her from behind, while another officer is in front of her. Rodriguez and Plenge fall to the floor just inside Walgreens, as others screen expletives asking what they’re doing.

Eventually, the two officers get Rodriguez on her side and in cuffs. Multiple people are yelling at police now, while Rodriguez continues to scream and swear, asking what she did, that police can’t pull them over without their lights on, that she couldn’t breathe, and that she wasn’t the driver.

Multiple people can also be seen on bodycam footage recording the incident from inside the store and questioning why she’s being arrested.

As police walk Rodriguez to the back of the squad, she keeps screaming and questioning why she’s being arrested, and they attempt to explain she didn’t comply with their initial orders. She continued to yell, while in the back of the squad, according to the report.

Also, it states Rodriguez was asked multiple times if she needed medical attention, which she refused.

Rodriguez was released on scene after being issued a signature bond. As she was walking away, the report says she crumpled the bond in her hands.

The driver of the Neon was given a $124 ticket for speeding.

Below is the police’s Facebook post. The link to the reports and bodycam footage can be downloaded here.

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